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Residents of the arbor company socializing at the Bistro

Creating Deep Relationships

Having meaningful social connections is even more important as we  age. At The Gardens, our wonderful Lantana care team nurtures close relationships with our residents, providing engaging interactions for those living with Alzheimer's disease or other kinds of dementia. 

Our approach is personalized, catering to each resident's individual preferences, history, and needs. We also include family members in care planning to offer your loved one the best support all around. 

The Arbor company employee assisting resident in Apartment

Holistic Wellness for Mental and Physical Health

For seniors living with dementia, staying alone at home can be isolating and even dangerous or detrimental to their health. 

Our Lantana neighborhood offers your loved one well-rounded care that goes beyond simply keeping them safe. 

We take a comprehensive approach to wellness, providing your loved one with ultimate comfort, safety, as well as social and mental enrichment opportunities. 

The gardens at eastside employee and residents talking in dining room

An Upbeat Dining Experience

Our memory care community in Greenville includes an award-winning dining program that focuses on positive dining experiences for our residents. 

We offer delectable menu options that are both healthy and delicious. Our compassionate dining team also helps those who may need assistance during mealtimes, always protecting their dignity and freedom of choice.

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Female residents playing a game on Tovertafel

Stimulation and Enrichment

The Tovertafel, or Magic Table, is an interactive game console that projects chosen games onto a table or surface. This award-winning, innovative technology is creatively designed to engage and stimulate, and to enhance the quality of life of people living with mid to late-stage dementia. The Tovertafel is a treasured addition to residents, family members, and community staff, as it offers wonderful therapeutic benefits in our dementia care to residents.

The Arbor Company residents and employee Gardening outside The Arbor Company residents and employee Gardening outside

Raising the Standards of Memory Care

For more than 30 years, The Arbor Company has been devoted to providing outstanding senior care. 

Our Lantana memory care team is specially trained in the latest best practices for serving those with dementia. 

As leaders in memory care, education, and support, we're proud to be raising the standards for senior living.

See Life at The Gardens

Peace of Mind at The Gardens

Our Greenville memory care offers uplifting surroundings for seniors living with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.

Blue icon of couch Dementia-Friendly Community Design Every aspect of our Lantana memory care neighborhood, from the doors to the outdoor space, was designed to promote a peaceful, productive, and safe environment for our residents.
Blue icon of person walking dog Individual Care Plans Each resident is unique and deserves personalized care interventions designed just for them. Our care plans ensure that every aspect of care is tailored to each individual resident.
Blue outline icon of a heart Medication Management Our professional team, which is led by our Lantana Director, provides medication administration for each resident.
Blue icon of woman stretching Engaging Activities Our robust and structured activities program is designed to incorporate daily routine and healthy socialization.
Blue icon of a flower Dementia Support and Resources We are always learning more about Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, and want family and community members to learn along with us.
Blue icon of out line of three people Specially Trained Caregivers Every team member who works with our memory care residents receives cognitive care training that is based on our 30+ years of experience in working with seniors with dementia.
The arbor company employee painting residents nails in salon

Engaged and Fulfilled

Our Lantana memory care neighborhood was created with the goal of residents’ joyful participation in daily tasks in mind. From our strength-building wellness classes, calming sensory groups, to explorative trips into surrounding areas, our residents enjoy fun activities with friends, family members, and staff. 

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Things to Do and Enjoy Around Every Corner

Whatever your interests, you'll have endless options here. Pick up a new skill, relax with a glass of wine, or go shopping with friends. You'll relish the fact that there's always something to do and someone to share the experience with.

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Memory Care Floor Plans

Our floor plans are designed to meet your unique needs and to provide comfort, luxury, and convenience. These are more than just apartments—they are spaces to call home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is memory care like in Greenville, SC?

Memory care is a specialized program designed for individuals with memory impairment, Alzheimer's disease, or other forms of dementia. It can be offered as a standalone service or as a dedicated area within an assisted living facility. At The Gardens at Eastside, our memory care program is designed to provide personalized support, encouragement, and relationships for each of our residents. Our program is backed by Arbor's 30+ years of experience in dementia care, ensuring the best care possible for our residents.

At what stage should someone with dementia go into memory care in Greenville, SC?

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia and you've noticed that they're struggling with daily activities, require frequent support, or feel lonely and scared living at home, it might be time to consider memory care. Seniors with memory issues may engage in unsafe behaviors, such as wandering or physical risk-taking, that can lead to falls.

Memory care facilities and programs are specifically designed to cater to seniors with memory loss or other cognitive impairments related to aging. These facilities offer a peaceful and dignified environment that fosters independence and choice while minimizing safety risks and distress. You can read our blog, 6 Signs That It's Time for Dementia Care to find out more.

What is the difference between memory care and assisted living?

Both memory care and assisted living provide care and support to people with various health issues, including cognitive impairments. However, memory care is designed specifically for individuals with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. It offers dementia-friendly activities and has staff trained to understand the psychological and physical effects of cognitive impairments. To learn more about the key differences between the two, you can read this post on The Arbor Company blog.

What is the difference between memory care and skilled nursing in Greenville, SC?

Although nursing homes and memory care communities both offer care for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer's, there are a few differences between the types of care they provide. Both facilities offer round-the-clock staff and supervision to ensure residents' safety. However, memory care communities offer a more flexible option. They have specialized staff members who are trained in caring for individuals with dementia, and they provide prepared meals to help preserve residents' dignity and independence. Additionally, memory care communities have safe and secure environmental features, and they provide a structured day of activities that can help prevent behaviors associated with anxiety and depression.

Nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities are ideal for those who need more hands-on assistance and monitoring, particularly if they have complex medical needs and require a clinical environment. They offer 24-hour care to seniors with complex medical conditions, providing the highest care possible outside of a hospital. This is often the best choice for those who need help with tasks beyond the activities of daily living

What is a memory care specialist?

A memory care specialist is a certified professional responsible for creating customized care plans for residents with memory impairments. They assist with daily tasks such as personal care and medical needs and use a specialized approach to navigate the complexities of memory care to provide the best possible care for your loved one.

What does memory care cost in Greenville, SC?

Memory care costs are usually 20-30% higher than assisted living costs. The average monthly rate for a memory care facility in South Carolina is $9,977, but pricing can vary widely depending on the location and level of dementia care needed.

Will Medicare cover memory care in Greenville, SC?

Medicare typically does not cover the cost of long-term memory care services in Greenville, SC, or anywhere else in the United States. Medicare is primarily designed to cover medically necessary services, such as hospital stays, doctor visits, and certain medical treatments. However, individuals with Medicare may be eligible for certain medical services related to memory care, such as doctor visits, diagnostic tests, and prescription medications to manage symptoms of dementia. Additionally, Medicare Advantage plans, which are offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare, may provide some coverage for memory care services, but coverage varies by plan.

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