Watching a loved one navigate the challenges of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia can take an emotional toll. While it may seem daunting for those with memory conditions and their caregivers to consider a transition into memory care, the benefits and peace of mind greatly outweigh any apprehension.
Recognizing when it’s time to lean on the services of a professional team of caregivers is a crucial step in ensuring the safety, wellness and quality of life for your loved one. This blog will explore six signs that indicate the need for specialized dementia care as well as offer insights into making the transition with empathy and understanding.

Safety Concerns 

One of the primary signs that it’s time for memory care is an increase in safety concerns. Loved ones with dementia may forget to turn off appliances, leave the stove on, experience a dangerous fall or lose the ability to perform basic day-to-day activities. Top memory care communities are equipped with secure environments and innovative safety measures to prevent accidents and provide 24/7 emergency care services. 

Wandering Behavior  

Similar to the safety concerns we mentioned previously, another strong indicator for professional assistance is the common behavior of wandering towards danger of becoming lost. Dementia care communities implement safety measures to prevent wandering and also ensure residents are in a comfortable and secure environment at all times, reducing the associated risk. 

Difficulty with Daily Activities

As dementia progresses, you might struggle with routine tasks that were once second nature such as dressing, bathing, preparing nutrient-rich meals or managing medications. If there’s a sudden decline in your loved one’s ability to perform these activities independently, it may be an indication that the level of care they required has elevated to above what you can provide, if you were the primary caregiver originally. This necessitates the quality and professional support available in a memory care community setting. 

Changes in Cognitive Health

Memory related conditions often bring about noticeable changes in cognitive function, such as frequent memory loss, confusion and difficulty communicating. When these changes impact an individual’s ability to function independently or even enjoy their current lifestyle, dementia care quickly becomes crucial. High quality assisted living communities offer personalized assistance that is tailored to your unique condition as well as form engagement strategies that improve mental function while slowing the progression of dementia.

Social Isolation 

Is your loved one spending too much time alone or indoors? It’s natural for those with dementia to withdraw from social activities due to communication challenges or a sense of discomfort. However, social isolation greatly impacts mental and emotional wellbeing and can worsen a memory related condition significantly. Dementia care communities are specially designed to foster social interactions through engaging activities, providing residents with both companionship and a sense of belonging and purpose. 

Caregiver Burnout 

Family caregivers often bear the responsibility of supporting loved ones with dementia, but the steep emotional and physical demands can lead to caregiver burnout. If you find yourself overwhelmed and struggling to provide necessary care, this could be severely harming both you and your loved one’s health and it’s a clear sign to consider professional memory care. Top communities offer a team of skilled caregivers and medically trained staff to provide families much needed support without fail.

At The Arbor Company, we believe in preparing those with memory care needs and their families for every triumph and challenge that comes their way in the best years of life yet to come. That’s why we’ve designed luxurious senior living communities across the U.S. that offer award-winning dementia care services and vibrant neighborhoods - so that in every stage of life, you have a warm, safe and welcoming place to call home. 

For more information on finding dementia care that checks every box and meets every need, don’t miss downloading our Caregiver's Complete Guide to Alzheimer's and Dementia, curated with love from our memory care experts.

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