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At our Arbor communities, we frequently talk with seniors and their families about their questions and concerns regarding a move to assisted living. Understandably, before making this big change, people want to know about what it might cost, what kinds of therapies are available, and what seniors can do to keep their minds and bodies active in assisted living communities. We are always happy to have these conversations, and our years of experience and genuine love for what we do help us provide answers that put our future residents’ and their loved ones’ minds at ease.

One concern that often comes up is about living space. Leaving one’s home is always difficult, particularly so for someone moving to an assisted living community for the first time, and we are familiar with people’s anxieties around what their new home will be like; is it possible for an assisted living apartment to be comfortable, inviting, and homey? 

The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer is “absolutely yes!” It is important to us that our new residents feel totally at home. We strive to make the move-in process as smooth as possible, and we want to make sure you’re aware ahead of time of what kind of furniture and accessories you’re encouraged to bring from home. Also, we’re firm believers in personalization; we love to see what our residents come up with when they’re decorating their new homes, and we’re always happy to offer suggestions when asked!

And it’s not just us at Arbor who are working hard to make senior living feel like home. In recent years, increased attention has been paid to the architecture and design of senior living spaces. There is an industry wide understanding that as baby boomers move into these communities, they not only want and deserve the same level of comfort and style they’re used to at home, but they also need certain considerations such as open, easy-to-navigate areas. Designers and architects know that seniors don’t want the stereotypical nursing home feel; they want “the comfortable and social environments” that assisted living has to offer and are looking for a space that is more like a high-end apartment and less like a cookie-cutter set of walls.

Our assisted living floor plans offer all the comfort and customization you deserve. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites.

Studio Suite

This space is ideal for a single person or a minimalist couple looking to downsize. There is a cozy combined living/bedroom with plenty of space to separate daytime relaxation from nighttime slumber. The kitchenette and full bathroom each include closet space. Consider personalizing the walls of the living/bedroom with photographs of friends, pets, children, or grandchildren — you’ll never be too far from catching a glimpse of precious memories!

One-Bedroom Deluxe

Our one-bedroom deluxe is a great space for a couple moving into assisted living together or for anyone who just wants some extra room to spread out. The bedroom measures about 16 by 10 feet — 4 feet wider than our one-bedroom classic. There’s plenty of room for an armchair for pre-bedtime reading, arts and crafts supplies, or potted plants — whatever will bring a smile to your face as the first and last thing you see each day. The living room is also spacious and homey for entertaining loved ones or hosting a game night with your neighbors.

Three-Room Suite

The three-room suite was designed with BFFs in mind. Remember how much fun it was to share an apartment with your best friend in college? Moving into assisted living with a close friend is a great way to relive those glory days — and we promise the cafeteria food is much better. This suite features two roomy bedrooms, each with a generous walk-in closet. The comfortable living room offers plenty of space to spread out and spend time together in companionable silence or to congregate around a coffee table for a game of cards. 

These are just a few of our favorite floor plan options at The Gardens at Eastside. We’d love to walk you through any of these so you can get a better idea of what living here can be like. To schedule a tour or to talk more about assisted living at The Gardens, get in touch today.

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Jane Ford

About the Author: Jane Ford

I am originally from Charleston, SC, but our family have called the Upstate home since 1983. After a career in the hospitality industry, in 1997 my heart found a new passion in working with our senior population. I joined The Gardens team in January 2005 and I truly love working with this amazing team. I strive to make a difference in the lives of our residents and staff, but they are the ones who make a difference in mine.

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