How Seniors Can Stay Engaged in Greenville, SC

Most seniors want to stay healthy and happy after they retire. However, many older adults don’t realize that feeling their best requires more than just going to the doctor or taking vitamins. Although it’s certainly important not to miss those annual checkups or skip medications, staying healthy also means having a connected social life with peers and family members.

Benefits of Staying Socially Active

When you think about wellness, you may not realize that much of it happens around a cup of coffee with friends or at an ice cream social event at the senior center. However, research points to the importance of making and maintaining peer networks built on socialization, support, and encouragement.

The National Institute on Aging notes that social isolation or loneliness can have dire health consequences for older adults. For example, seniors who feel lonely or who are at home amid limited contact with others are at higher risk for high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, and a compromised immune system. Fortunately, connecting with others regularly can keep these feelings and conditions at bay.

Older adults don’t have to become best friends with everyone they meet to start noticing health benefits. Simply saying hello and having a conversation with a stranger can be a positive step in the right direction. Seniors who do have an active social calendar may not only feel less lonely, depressed or anxious, but they may also sleep better, and get sick less often.

Engaged Seniors in Greenville, SC

Older adults living in the Greenville area have plenty of resources to begin building an active lifestyle. You don’t have to be a busy social butterfly to get started thanks to Greenville County Rec. Programs and events are designed for older adults over the age of 50, and there is something for everyone. Don’t believe it? Here are just a few of our favorites.

Smiles and Miles: Get moving with an hourlong walk once per month. Beginners are welcome, and everyone has the chance to explore local parks and trails. This is an especially great choice for seniors who may feel uncomfortable striking up conversations with new people, because it is easier to chat walking side by side.

Pickleball: We love this active game because it is beginner-friendly and quite social. Check out a beginners clinic to get started and make some new friends.

Water aerobics: The Greenville County Aquatic Complex offers a variety of water fitness classes, perfect for keeping you in shape and making you some new friends along the way.

Harvest Ball: Everyone loves a reason to get a bit dressed up, and the annual Harvest Ball gives seniors the chance to do so. Held at the Staunton Bridge Community Center, the Harvest Ball features dinner, dancing, and great conversation for a reasonable ticket fee.

Creating Engagement at The Gardens at Eastside

Some seniors living at home simply cannot find the social connection they need to stay healthy. Whether it’s a transportation issue, a mobility concern, or a decline in cognitive skills, seniors can sometimes find it easier to stay at home than to create an active social calendar. Fortunately, senior living communities can step in and provide residents with active environments full of events, and socialization opportunities happening around every corner.

At The Gardens at Eastside, we excel at providing residents with a busy lifestyle that creates meaningful moments and lasting relationships. Our staff works tirelessly to uncover resident preferences, past hobbies, and interests; then, we design our community calendar to foster healthy connections and experiences. Our residents are thriving, smiling, and feeling their best thanks in part to the friends they make during our activities.

Discover what life is like at The Gardens at Eastside by scheduling a tour. You’ll have the opportunity to see activities in action and to pick up an activity calendar full of exceptional programs. Let’s get healthy — and social — together.

Jane Ford

About the Author: Jane Ford

I am originally from Charleston, SC, but our family have called the Upstate home since 1983. After a career in the hospitality industry, in 1997 my heart found a new passion in working with our senior population. I joined The Gardens team in January 2005 and I truly love working with this amazing team. I strive to make a difference in the lives of our residents and staff, but they are the ones who make a difference in mine.

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