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Memphis has been long associated with its rich culture, history and southern charm making this vibrant city an ideal place for seniors to call home. With a great balance of nature and city life, seniors can live life to the fullest without ever running out of places to explore. With so many options of assisted living communities in the area, it’s important to find a community that really fits the lifestyle you’re seeking for yourself or your loved one. Here are some things to consider when beginning your search for Memphis assisted living communities.

Assessing Your Needs and Preferences 

Every community is different, but the first things you want to consider when beginning your search for assisted living communities in Memphis are your current and future needs. Start by evaluating what type of activities you or your loved one currently needs help with, such as dressing, medication management, and mobility and how that might change in the future. This will help you choose a community that offers different types of living, as conditions may progress. 

Social Activities

Beyond the physical needs, it’s important to look at communities that foster a sense of community. In fact, research indicates being involved in social activities can greatly improve emotional, intellectual, and physical wellness. Many communities even publish upcoming activities and events online so family members are updated and can even join their loved one for certain events.

Around the Clock Care

When it comes to deciding on an assisted living community, safety is one of the first things you should look for. It’s important to ask what the community’s response is for emergencies. Knowing that caregivers are ready to provide the help you or your loved one needs 24-hours can give you peace of mind.

Listen to What Others are Saying

While you might be able to get a great sense of what an assisted living community is like through a tour, reading reviews and testimonials from residents and families can provide you with a first-hand inside look at life within the community. In addition to reading online reviews, pay attention to how the community responds to both positive and negative reviews. Knowing the community responds in a timely manner to address all reviews is important and provides you with a first-hand look at how conflicts are resolved.

Research Online

Make sure you visit the community’s website, and social media channels. Many assisted living communities post updates, information, and snapshots or videos of residents for special occasions and events. In addition, many assisted living communities have a photo gallery so you’re able to view the community before even setting foot inside. Being able to follow these sites will give you a better understanding of how the community portrays themselves online and communicates with their followers.

Dining Options

Food has a way of bringing people together. Whether you or your loved one has specific dietary needs, or are seeking a simple cup of coffee with friends, the dining area in an assisted living community should foster a sense of community and maybe even offer a little something special for certain occasions and holidays. 

Tour the Community 

Finally, once you narrow down your selection, scheduling a tour of your preferred assisted living communities in Memphis is a huge step. Before you visit come armed with all the questions you have so the staff you meet with can address them. Seeing the community firsthand will give you insights that a brochure and website might not capture. Walking through the community allows you to get a feel for the atmosphere, interact with staff, and witness daily life in action.

Choosing the ideal assisted living community doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you’re prepared. Download our free guide, The Complete Guide to Assisted Living which covers all aspects of assisted living, from understanding the concept to finding the perfect community and transitioning seamlessly. 

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