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Feeling empowered can make all the difference in the lives of seniors in Tarrant County. Sixty & Better is a nonprofit senior services organization for seniors 60 and older. The organization operates 26 activity centers in the Fort Worth area, providing many essential services to today's older citizens. Founded in 1967, Sixty & Better offers a wide range of services, allowing many senior citizens to live life to the fullest.

Isolation can result in numerous adverse health and cognitive problems for seniors. Sixty & Better aims to reduce the detrimental effects of seniors living alone or those who are socially isolated. The organization reports that of the clients they serve, 46 percent live alone, 69 percent are unmarried, and 44 percent say their only social interaction is through the organization. This degree of socialization improves health, strengthens cognitive abilities, and improves personal outlooks.

Also, Sixty & Better provides Tarrant County seniors with many specific programs and events to improve health, ensure proper nutrition, provide mobility, and increase overall independence. These specialized services include:

1. Socialization and Nutrition Program

One of Sixty & Better's most significant programs entails the delivery of nutritious meals to needy seniors. Almost half of all participants report spending less than $125 per month on groceries and more than half report that the meal they receive at the Activity Center is their most important source of nutrition. Get-togethers at the Centers are also a source of engaging social contact and exchange of news.

NOTE: During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Sixty & Better Activity Centers are closed. Nevertheless, the same hot, nutritious meals, normally served in the Centers are being delivered to our regular participants by organization volunteers. COVID-19 updates and other information can be found on the organization’s Facebook page.

2. Health for Me

Maintaining good health can be challenging for those who are 60 and older.  Sixty & Better recognizes the importance of health maintenance and helps seniors take charge of their health by offering the Stanford University Chronic Disease Self-Management Program to activity participants. Of participants at the Centers, 69 percent suffer from high blood pressure, 45 percent have high blood pressure and diabetes, and 72 percent take three or more prescriptions per day.

3. A Matter of Balance

Falls constitute a daily risk for most seniors. Issues of balance, unsteady gait, and weakness in legs and arms contribute to the hazards of falling. To mitigate factors contributing to falls, Sixty & Better offers the Matter of Balance program, which is designed to help seniors improve strength and balance. Also, the award-winning program provides instruction on fall prevention techniques. In 2015, the program was recognized by the National Council on Aging, which selected Sixty & Better as one of only eight organizations in the nation to deliver its Aging Mastery Program.  

NOTE: Because of the virus, the Activity Centers are temporarily closed, and in-person classes are not currently being held. However, these classes are being held virtually for those with computer access. For more information, contact Sixty & Better at 817-413-4949. 

4. Transportation

As many as 40 percent of Sixty & Better's participants either cannot or do not drive. This inability to stay mobile contributes to isolation and health risks. Sixty & Better's transportation program provides rides and transit assistance for seniors who otherwise would not be able to attend events or stay connected with families and friends. The organization estimates that more than 36,000 trips per year are provided across the Tarrant County region.

5. Benefits Enrollment Center

Managing personal budgets and daily living expenses can always be a struggle. To help financially challenged older adults lower daily living costs, Sixty & Better has established Benefits Enrollment Centers in 12 of their 26 Activity Centers. These centers are staffed with individuals who are knowledgeable about assistance programs, tools and techniques for lowering prescription drug costs, methods for reducing medical care charges, and ways to reduce food and utility expenses.

Empowering seniors to live lives filled with purpose, independence, and dignity is the mission of the Tarrant County Sixty & Better nonprofit organization. Services designed to improve wellness, increase mobility, and keep seniors engaged and active are at the center of Sixty & Better’s extensive range of programs.  

The Vantage at Cityview shares this commitment to providing seniors with engaging and active retirement living. Our management and staff are dedicated to creating an environment that offers abundant social connections and numerous wellness resources.   

If you are seeking a special kind of retirement that is rich in elegance and provides plenty of social relationships, numerous healthy activities, and nutritious dining at its finest, contact The Vantage at Cityview. We are available to discuss retirement living options for independent living, assisted living, or dementia care. See our website or call us today at 817-292-5600. 

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