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In partnership with Walgreens, The Vantage at Cityview, like all Arbor Company communities, recently held its annual flu clinic to ensure everyone in the community stays healthy this fall and winter.

“The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that everyone age six months and older get an annual flu shot, and it's best to have it in the early autumn,” said Mary Campbell Jenkins, executive vice president of The Arbor Company. “The health of our residents and staff is so important to us, and we are committed to following the CDC's guidance. There's a popular misconception that a flu vaccine can cause a flu-like illness, but that's simply not true. And the CDC says there's no evidence that a flu shot will increase your risk of contracting COVID-19. Getting the shot will keep us healthier, and by extension, help our community stay healthy as well.”

FW FLU 2Earlier this month, pharmacists from Walgreens helped administer 81 flu shots to residents and staff in less than three hours.  

"It was very convenient and easy for us to get a flu shot. There were multiple people giving shots, which made it a pleasant and easy experience," said resident Liz Bettle.

On average, the seasonal flu immunization provides four to six months of protection against the current flu strains. Adults over the age 65 receive a different flu shot designed to match biological changes one experiences as one becomes older.

FW FLU 3"We were surprised and pleased that they brought the flu clinic to us. It's another good use of our Activity Room here at the community," shared residents Frank and Peggy Cooksey.

Each year, the flu shot offers individuals extra protection during the flu season.


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