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How to Find the Best Senior Living Community in Manassas, VA

Manassas’ blend of historic charm and modern flair makes it one of Virginia’s top communities for seniors to retire to. But before you explore the region’s Civil War history, or its downtown cultural scene, you’ll first need to find a senior living option that meets all of your needs.

Finding Senior Living in Manassas for Today and Beyond

One of the greatest challenges in planning for senior care is that there’s no way to know what the future holds. Still, the best senior living community in Manassas has to have the ability to meet current and future care needs. The simplest answer is personalized care and lots of options.

In addition to assisted living, Arbor Terrace Sudley Manor, for example, offers multiple specialized care options for residents at different stages of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia:

  • Bridges Living: For residents experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s, dementia, or age-related memory loss, Bridges provides the same support as assisted living with additional cognitive support and programming in small group settings.  
  • Memory Care: Residents with more advanced dementia receive 24-hour hour care and support from staff members with specialized dementia care training; help with daily activities, nutritional support, and programs that encourage socialization.

Nobody knows what the future holds, and having a plan in place for memory care can prevent a disruptive move if the need arises down the road.

Community Connections Are Signs of Senior Living Success

Just like locals always know the best place in town to grab a bite, locals know which senior living communities have the best reputations and the deepest roots. Whether you're looking for dinner or the best senior living community in Manassas, the opinions of locals can help inform your decision.

Arbor Terrace Sudley Manor, which is conveniently located on Sudley Manor Road in Manassas, has become the go-to assisted living for locals and nearby family members over the years. Like the Hylton Performing Arts Center and the Manassas Museum, Arbor Terrace of Manassas has become a permanent fixture in the community, and it’s a great place for newcomers to get acclimated.

In addition to talking to locals about their senior living recommendations, reading online reviews and testimonials from residents of local senior living communities and their family members can provide great insight.

Beautiful Grounds Signal Attention to Detail, Community Pride

Just like you can tell a lot about a person’s house by simply walking by, the appearances of senior living communities in Manassas tell a lot about their priorities, attention to detail, and pride.

Senior living communities with meticulously maintained grounds and clean, recently renovated accommodations signal attention to detail and pride that carries into everyday living. Extra points should be given to communities that have community gardens or other community projects. These signal that residents are engaged and play an active role in building and beautifying the community.  

Targeting the Best Senior Living in Manassas

The best senior living communities in Manassas will provide flexibility to meet current and future needs, they’ll have strong community ties and excellent reviews, and they’ll have beautiful grounds that signal attention to detail and community pride. Contact Arbor Terrace Sudley Manor to learn more, or to schedule an appointment.

Edwin Funes

About the Author: Edwin Funes

Edwin is the Executive Director for Arbor Terrace Sudley Manor. He is a Graduate of ECPI University, where he received his Licensed Practical Nurse degree. Edwin has worked in assisted living since 2005 in a variety of roles before transitioning to nursing in 2008. He has served proudly at Arbor Terrace Sudley Manor since 2008. In 2016, he obtained his Assisted Living Facility Administrator License from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Seniors are Edwin’s passion. He loves getting to know each residents’ story and making deep connections.

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