Retirement The Way It Should Be

When you choose the Arbor Terrace lifestyle, you immediately have the opportunity to enjoy all the best parts of retirement: meaningful relationships, time to pursue your passions, and amenities that make life that much better.

Our teams are here to serve you with everything you need, from concierge services to housekeeping visits to personalized care. Here, you can choose from among several senior living options to customize your retirement lifestyle for the perfect mix of independence and wellness. 

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Options available:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Dementia Care
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Exceptional Senior Living Among Friends

Life Is Better Among Friends

We know that life is better when it is shared with others. Our communities are vibrant and thriving, bustling with residents who have easy access to plenty of social connections and wellness resources. There’s always something to do, and someone to enjoy it with.

Visit any of our Atlanta area communities today and see what makes them so special!

Exquisite Dining

Our social dining rooms are the place to be, three times daily. Our chefs work hard to get to know your likes and dislikes, using that information to create nutritious and delicious meals you’re sure to love. Have a special dining challenge? Our award-winning Dining with Dignity® program was designed to give everyone an exceptional experience at mealtime. Bon appétit!

Deep Connections

When you choose to live in one of our communities, you’ll get to know us, and we’ll get to know you. We pride ourselves on building personal, trusting relationships with everyone we serve. Our innovative programs and engaging event calendars allow us to connect with you, and you to connect with others.

Dementia Expertise

The Arbor Company has decades of experience serving seniors throughout the country. When it comes to dementia care, we are truly one of the best. Our staff is specially trained in dementia-specific interventions, and we offer regular educational support for family members as well. You, and your loved one, are in excellent hands here.