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Assisted Living

A personalized blend of independence and assistance, this neighborhood provides a engaged lifestyle paired with peace of mind.

Apartments Starting at $4,365

Bridges Neighborhood

Our Bridges neighborhood was designed to support the cognitive, social, and physical wellbeing of seniors living with the onset of cognitive decline or dementia.

Apartments Starting at $6,395

Memory Care

If your loved one is living with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, our Evergreen memory care neighborhood was created especially for them.

Apartments Starting at $6,898

Not sure which senior living option is right for you? Take our senior living options quiz.

Transitioning into senior living can be a difficult process without having the right information. One of the biggest questions is determining which level of care is right for you or your loved one. The goal of this quiz is to answer that question and to help you take the next step with confidence.


Why Arbor Terrace East Cobb

Our team members build meaningful relationships — we call them deep connections — with our residents and their families. At Arbor Terrace East Cobb, we genuinely want to know you because understanding who you are helps us serve you better. Whether we plan a trip to your favorite theater, or bake your favorite dessert at dinner, we delight in learning more about what makes you YOU!

We also understand that your pet is part of your family, too. Arbor Terrace is a pet-friendly neighborhood that welcomes your four-legged friends so that you can feel truly at home. Ask about our pet-friendly accommodations.

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Residents on couch having hors d'oeuvres

Where You Live a Full Life

Calling Arbor Terrace home gives you access to activities and programs that connect you with other residents in our Marietta neighborhood. Each month our team creates a diverse social calendar, bustling with opportunities to meet your neighbors, learn something new, and give back to the community. From large events to smaller meetups, there's something for everyone to enjoy — and a friend to share it with.

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Peace of Mind Is Here

Discover the new standard of senior living in Marietta, GA where you can focus on wellness, friendships, and fun. Our dedicated staff are happy to assist you during emergencies and everyday tasks, giving you peace of mind. We're here to help you enjoy the retirement you deserve, whatever your challenges and abilities may be. From all of us, welcome home.

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Why Arbor Terrace East Cobb
Residents on couch having hors d'oeuvres
Where You Live a Full Life
Female resident sitting at dinner table
Peace of Mind Is Here
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Senior living that's tailored to you

Seniors like you are the inspiration behind every detail at Arbor Terrace East Cobb. We know that residents have varying interests and abilities. That's why we've carefully designed our neighborhoods to feel comfortable and inviting.

You can entertain guests in our beautiful community spaces or in your spacious apartment. Take time for yourself and enjoy pampering at the beauty salon and spa. Focus on fitness with individualized guidance from the wellness center. The options are endless!

For those who love the outdoors, our patio and walking paths are ideal for relaxing strolls or watching for birds. You'll also have access to exceptional amenities like award-winning dining services, accessible transportation, housekeeping visits, and much more. Begin living the retirement of your dreams at Arbor Terrace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of senior living options are found at Arbor Terrace East Cobb?

At Arbor Terrace East Cobb, we provide assisted living, Bridges neighborhood, and dementia care options. This allows seniors to choose the community that best fits their cognitive and physical health needs.

Our assisted living community provides minimal caregiving services with amenities for seniors who are still mostly independent. The Bridges neighborhood is a one-of-a-kind program for seniors in the early stages of memory loss or a condition like Alzheimer's or dementia. Our dementia care community is designed for seniors with more extensive cognitive decline who require 24-hour care and supervision.

Schedule a tour today at Arbor Terrace East Cobb to get more information about these communities.

What amenities does Arbor Terrace East Cobb offer?

The communities at Arbor Terrace East Cobb provide all of the services and amenities seniors need throughout their retirement. This includes options such as luxurious dining, fitness programs, housekeeping, concierge services, transportation, and laundry services.

What is the cost of memory care in Georgia?

For seniors who require memory care in Georgia, the cost is a big deciding factor. Remember that the cost varies depending on the memory care community and the level of care you require. 

What's the difference between a nursing home in Marietta, GA, and Arbor Terrace?

If you need help with daily activities such as dressing, preparing meals, and getting around, you may consider senior living options. If you live in Marietta, GA, nursing homes and joining an Arbor Terrace community are popular options.

Nursing homes provide a more clinical atmosphere similar to a hospital than a home. Caregivers and medical professionals are available around the clock and provide rehabilitative and medical services.

A community at Arbor Terrace East Cobb provides a more welcoming and warm environment where residents get their apartments. You will have more control over your personal schedule, and your care plan will cater to your needs.

Schedule a tour today at Arbor Terrace East Cobb to get a better understanding of what our communities provide.

How much does senior living cost in Marietta, GA?

The cost of senior living within our Marietta, GA, community depends on your unique preferences and needs. To better assist you in exploring senior living options, utilize our free senior living cost calculator or contact our compassionate team members with any questions at 770-977-4420.

What is the Bridges Neighborhood at Arbor Terrace East Cobb?

If you are looking into your options at Arbor Terrace East Cobb, our Bridges neighborhood is a one-of-a-kind program for seniors with mild cognitive impairment. This program is designed to help seniors manage cognitive-related symptoms and slow the progression of cognitive decline.

It is ideal for seniors who are only in the early stages of Alzheimer's or dementia and require a little additional daily and cognitive care.

How are memory care services different from assisted living services in Marietta, GA?

Memory care and assisted living services are very different as they cater to different types of caregiving needs. Memory care is designed for seniors who are experiencing cognitive decline from conditions like Alzheimer's or dementia. These communities provide extensive annuities and services as well as additional safety features.

Assisted living communities in Marietta, GA, primarily provide basic annuities and some daily assistance with daily tasks. Assisted living services are ideal for seniors who can still care for themselves but may need some help from qualified caregivers.

For more information about the assisted living and memory care communities in Marietta, GA, contact us today at Arbor Terrace East Cobb.

How is assisted living different from at-home care in Marietta, GA?

Two popular options for seniors in Marietta, GA, are assisted living and at-home care. At-home care is when you remain in your home but have a caregiver come to help you with certain daily tasks. They can help with meals, housekeeping, laundry, medication management, and personal care.

On the other hand, assisted living is when you move into a community specifically designed for seniors. This is very similar to a retirement community, except you can access services and amenities to help you with day-to-day activities.

Why live at Arbor Terrace East Cobb instead of living at home?

It can be hard to find a senior living option that is the right fit for your care needs and lifestyle. At Arbor Terrace East Cobb, our communities are ideal for seniors who want to maintain their independence but require some minimal care.

Unlike living at home, our communities are specifically designed to be senior-friendly and provide all of the amenities you need. Our caregivers are specially trained and available around the clock and can also help with medical emergencies.

Arbor Terrace East Cobb communities are also more affordable than you might think when compared to the cost of living at home. Check out our cost calculator to compare your costs at home to a senior living estimate.


Assisted Living

Experience peace of mind, with the added support and freedom to live a vibrant, healthy, and fulfilling retirement.

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Bridges Neighborhood

A unique neighborhood for seniors in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's disease that promotes cognitive stimulation and healthy socialization.


Memory Care

Designed for seniors with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia, providing a safe, comfortable environment and meaningful relationships.

At Arbor Terrace East Cobb, relationships, personalized assistance, and peace of mind make all the difference. You’ll find a luxury lifestyle, coupled with access to our highly trained and caring staff, designed to keep you feeling your very best.