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Senior Living Options Infographic: Senior Living Options

When it comes to senior living, the options can seem endless. We created this chart to help you understand the different levels of care, and identify which best fits your or your loved one's needs.

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Assisted living, Cost of Senior Living The True Cost of Assisted Living in Marietta, GA

Assisted living can change everything about the way you live. Seniors live happier, longer lives in senior living communities. For seniors who struggle with activities of daily living, the shift to assisted living may mean transitioning from stress, anxiety, and daily struggle to a life of ease and joy. Many seniors have heard from their friends about the gourmet dining, endless activities, and easy fellowship they can expect in the right community. Yet they worry about the cost of assisted living. The truth is that the right community in Marietta, Georgia, may cost less than you think — and could even save you money in the long run.

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Assisted living, Senior Life A Day in the Life of an Arbor Terrace Resident

For three decades, The Arbor Company has served seniors of every age, and at every stage of life. We partner with retirees to help them live out retirements of adventure and joy. And when seniors need an extra hand, we’re there for that too. For those who are struggling with advanced dementia or terminal illness, we ensure that every moment counts. Potential residents often ask us what a day in the life of an Arbor Terrace resident looks like. Here’s what you can expect if you make us part of your extended family.

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Health & Safety Things Seniors in East Cobb Can Do to Stay Healthy This Summer

As the spring blossoms wilt, giving way to the blazing Georgia heat, many East Cobb residents feel tempted to stay inside and curl up under the air conditioner. The heat doesn’t have to stop seniors in Marietta from staying healthy this summer, no matter how high the mercury rises. Here are some great options for keeping your body and mind in shape, no matter what you love doing.

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Assisted living 7 Questions You're Afraid to Ask About Assisted Living

Almost 90 percent of seniors say they want to age in place, remaining in their homes for as long as possible. So the transition to assisted living can feel like a thwarted dream. Many seniors cite moving out of their homes as a primary fear of getting older. Early experiences with aging loved ones, myths about “homes,” and a fear of the unfamiliar all color senior perceptions of assisted living.

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Assisted living How Assisted Living Is Different at Arbor Terrace

Envision your ideal retirement. Whether this portrait includes vineyards and wine, curling up in a chair with a cat and a good book, or traveling the world and skydiving, it probably didn’t include health problems. When you struggle with tasks of daily living, worry about the safety of living at home, or face a serious diagnosis, it can feel like the end of your dreams. Assisted living offers a viable option for meeting your health needs while still living out your retirement plans.

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Dementia Care, Dementia Resources, Dementia Care FAQs Tips for Transitioning a Loved One to Dementia Care Near Marietta, GA

When your loved one receives a diagnosis of dementia, it is shocking and heartbreaking for everyone. However, early diagnosis techniques have been instrumental in giving family members the opportunity to plan for their future alongside their loved one. Because dementia is a progressive disease, planning for the future includes financial, safety, and quality of life considerations.

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Dementia Care The Cost of Dementia Care in East Cobb, GA

Dementia care in East Cobb, Georgia, can be life-changing. You or your loved one will live in a safe, supportive community with access to amenities that can support your memory and help you feel connected to loved ones. Yet many families avoid seeking help because of concerns about the cost of dementia care. It’s true that dementia care is an intensive type of senior living, but the cost of dementia care is lower than you might think — especially when compared with the costs of in-home care, or of doing nothing.

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Senior Living Options How to Find the Best Options for Assisted Living in Marietta, GA

Located just 15 miles from Atlanta, Marietta’s suburban appeal and affordable cost of living have made the community a popular retirement destination in recent years. Narrowing down assisted living options in Marietta is a good starting point for seniors who want to make their homes here.

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Assisted living When Is the Right Time to Move to Assisted Living in Marietta, GA?

If you’ve ever wondered if senior living could be the best option for you or your aging loved one, you aren’t alone. Senior living communities are in nearly every town, and there are many benefits to choosing to retire among peers. However, it can still be a difficult decision to make when it means moving out of a long-beloved home and neighborhood.

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