Embarking on the journey to find the perfect assisted living community that meets every care requirement in Marietta, Ga, is a significant step towards ensuring a fulfilling lifestyle for yourself or a loved one. As you assemble your list of top choices, taking a complete tour of the grounds and apartments is essential to noticing various aspects that contribute to both a vibrant and supportive environment to call home.In this blog, our team of caregiving experts are breaking down what to look for when visiting assisted living communities in Marietta, so you and your loved ones can rest assured and feel confident in your final choice.

Personalized Care Services and Plans

As you set about touring and asking questions of professionals, seek to understand the range of care services offered within the Marietta, GA, assisted living community and how well they align with specific needs. Medical professionals should conduct personalized care assessments before, and periodically throughout, the resident’s stay to tailor comprehensive plans for meals, activities and much more. It should also be taken into account the individual’s preferences and routines and how they develop over time because the highest quality care is always improving.

Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

From the first moment you step into a community, the ambiance should be warm, welcoming and comfortable. Pay attention to the way caregivers and residents engage in meaningful conversation and enjoy vibrant activities. This is a positive indicator that you have found a strong community that puts the happiness of its residents and caregivers first.

Adequate Safety Measures

As always, safety should be the top priority of an award-winning assisted living community in Marietta, GA. Evaluate the safety protocols in place when you take your personal tour of the community. Keep an eye out for secure entrance and exit points, specially designed living spaces, wide hallways, large print signage so residents never lose their way and state-of-the-art technology and safety measures to prevent wandering towards hazards or danger of any kind. When it comes to memory care, adequate security can make the difference in preventing life-threatening accidents, so it’s crucial to know where your future home stands in this regard.

Living Spaces That Are Tailored to Specific Needs

Assess the variety and quality of living spaces available within the community. Is there a comfortable patio? How about a lovely and maintained garden? Are there gyms and similar places to improve physical mobility? Plenty of entertainment options? Also ensure that your potential apartment meets your requirements  for safety, comfort and accessibility. 

Engaging Activities and Cognitive Stimulation

In the exciting city of Marietta, GA, life is always vibrant. However, it’s also important to know that your chosen memory care community is as well. Inquire about the activity programs within the neighborhood that are designed to stimulate cognitive function as well as sociability with friends. A robust community calendar with plenty of options for every mobility level including memory games, art therapy and social events will contribute greatly to your mental and physical wellness, which is why it’s such an important consideration.  

Family Involvement and Comprehensive Support

Transitioning into an assisted living community is a significant adjustment, for family members just as much as the individuals themselves. Look for communities that offer 24/7 support, including welcome orientations, regular care updates check-ins and opportunities to involve family in the shared responsibility of caregiving. The community with the utmost empathy will help treat the transition less like a major change, and more like a seamless and enjoyable move into the maintenance-free retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

When it comes to choosing care options in Marietta, GA, we recognize that not every community will be the right fit. That’s why at  Arbor Terrace East Cobb, we’ve assembled a comprehensive Guide to Assisted Living that considers every need, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the peace of mind that goes with knowing you’ve made the right choice. A community that prioritizes the aspects outlined in this blog is sure to offer the most secure, engaging and compassionate environment that will help you live out your best years to come vibrantly and joyfully.

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