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senior services Top Services at a Delray Beach, FL Assisted Living Community

With access to a wide range of quality services, residents at a top Delray Beach, Florida assisted living community have time to relax and enjoy all that retirement has to offer. With the help and convenience of these services, residents have the time to enjoy all the beauty that Delray Beach has to offer. Here, we’ll explore some of the top services offered by luxury assisted living communities, like The Arbor at Delray.

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Resident Spotlight Making Every Day Count: How Dennis Silber Redefines Aging at The Arbor

Meet Dennis Silber, one of the incredible residents of The Arbor at Delray. At 84 years young, Dennis is an inspiration to all of us and reminds us that age is truly just a number. From the moment he first signed on to join our beautiful Delray community upon our official opening, Dennis has delighted our team members and neighbors with his sense of humor, strong leadership of our Men’s Committee, and dedication to planning exciting events that keep residents engaged and involved.

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Resident Spotlight A Place for Active and Vibrant Adults Like Sandy Sanders

At 84 years young, Sandy Sanders is a delight to everyone who knows her, both within The Arbor and in our Delray Beach, FL community. Age is certainly just a number to Sandy, as she loves to keep busy and has even admitted she wasn’t sure she would enjoy retirement as a professed workaholic. But everything changed once she stepped foot in The Arbor and learned that she could still enjoy all of her favorite activities among residents just like her who could never dream of sitting still.

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Senior Events How Monthly Activity Calendars Keep Residents Engaged at a Delray Beach, FL Assisted Living Community

Staying active and well-connected are two crucial components of healthy aging. In Delray Beach, FL assisted living communities, it’s easier than ever before for seniors to stay engaged in fun, meaningful activities. Monthly activity calendars provide a variety of options so residents can choose how to spend their day. Read on to find out why monthly activity calendars contribute to the overall well-being of assisted living residents.

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Memory care Top Benefits of Moving Into a Delray Beach Memory Care Program

Facing a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia can be challenging as we age, for both ourselves and our beloved family members. Delray Beach, a charming coastal city in Florida, offers a supportive solution for those living with memory-related conditions through specialized communities, which are designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for individuals with memory impairments.

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Assisted Living vs. Independent Living Independent Living vs Assisted Living in Delray Beach: How To Determine Which One Fits Best

Are you considering moving into a senior living community in Delray Beach, FL? While a big move like this can bring up both feelings of excitement and nervousness, your main question might be, “should I choose independent living or assisted living?” And how do I know which senior living type is right for me and my situation?

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Come Visit Us at The Arbor at Delray

Situated in the culturally vibrant city of Delray Beach, known for its beautiful beaches, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, and close proximity to healthcare services, The Arbor at Delray provides an exceptional living community with amenities that rival a five-star resort. You'll never run out of things to do, whether it's staying fit in our state-of-the-art fitness center with daily classes, enjoying our movie theater, exploring our libraries, relaxing at our modern spa, or gathering for drinks during happy hours and other events at one of our bars and lounges.

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Memory care Tips for Finding the Right Delray Beach Memory Care Community

As our loved ones age and face challenges with dementia, finding the right memory care community becomes a crucial decision. Delray Beach, a beautiful coastal city in Florida, offers a variety of memory care communities designed to provide specialized care and support for seniors with memory-related conditions. In this blog, we will explore essential tips to help you find the perfect memory care community in Delray Beach, ensuring your loved one receives the best care and lives a fulfilling life.

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Cost of Senior Living How to Determine the True Cost of Senior Living Options in Delray Beach

When considering senior living options in Delray Beach, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the true cost involved. Whether you're exploring assisted living, independent living, or memory care, knowing the factors that contribute to the cost can help you make an informed decision. In this blog post, we will explore the key elements that determine the true cost of senior living options in Delray Beach, enabling you to plan effectively for the future.

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Meet the Team at The Arbor at Delray!

The team at The Arbor at Delray welcomes you! Located in sunny Delray Beach in Florida, our new senior living community is excited to open our doors to you soon. From Eric, our Executive Director; David, our Executive Chef; Connie, our Business Office Director; to Jarrett, our Director of Sales, we can’t wait to meet you. Our team brings dedication, decades of experience, and a genuine love for serving our senior residents every day.

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