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Ray and Thelma

It’s time to wish the best of birthdays to Barrington Terrace of Ft. Myers residents Raymond ‘Ray’ Drumm and Thelma Sweeting, and thank them for their family’s service.

Drumm, who turned 97 on Aug. 15, served in the 3rd Army platoon during World War II, with deployments in Great Britain and Ireland. Once back home, he worked in a warehouse, where he met his wife of 50 years. Later he went to work for 40 years as a machine operator in an automobile plant. The couple’s love of cars, traveling and camping earned them the nickname of “the Go Go Kids.” 

Drumm says he learned his handy skills from his father who was a professional handyman and taught him everything he knows. To this day, he enjoys the art of woodworking and is frequently seen working on small wood kits that he proudly shows to other residents. 

Thelma Sweeting, 96, also has ties to the military. Her husband served this country while she took care of the home they shared with their four children. If raising kids wasn’t enough, Sweeting took time to give back to the community by volunteering at local hospitals.

Today, she spends countless hours on her all-time favorite hobby, knitting and dozens of blankets for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When she is not knitting, she likes to join her friends playing bingo at Barrington Terrace. It’s no secret that she is one lucky lady; on a recent bingo night, Sweeting won six out of ten games.

Happy Birthday!


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