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About Our Community

Barrington Terrace of Ft. Myers offers quality, state-of-the-art assisted living and memory care in Florida's beautiful Fort Myers area.

We provide the highest quality of geriatric care and assisted living available, including innovative memory care designed specifically for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Every Barrington Terrace resident receives unique and personalized care and attention tailored to where they are and what they need most.

Care and Assistance at Barrington Terrace


Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living program is designed to provide care at the level you need, from minimal assistance to comprehensive care. At Barrington Terrace, assisted living levels of care change and grow with the needs of each resident in order to meet everyone exactly where they are today. 



Memory Care

Memory Care means 24-hour support for seniors dealing with Alzheimer's and other age-related dementias. Featuring completely individualized care programs, specialist attention, tempting nutritional options, and even counseling and support for family members, Memory Care is driven by the latest research and understanding of memory disorders.


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    We are specialists in the field of memory loss

    We're proud to be leaders in care for Alzheimer’s disease and the related diseases of dementia. With years of experience under our belt and ongoing training for every member of our staff, no situation is too hard for us to help.

    Award-winning care at Barrington Terrace

    Our Dining with Dignity® program has won awards and recognition for its improvement in nutritional outcomes for seniors with dementia. This program is designed to reduce the risk of choking and aspiration and make meals easy and pleasant again with delicious flavor, good nutrition, and thoughtful presentation, all prepared by expert chefs.

    Say goodbye to boredom with Engaged Living

    We’re doing away with the stereotypical notions of retirement living. At Barrington Terrace, we strive for more than just bingo and a bouncing ball. We go above and beyond to offer the best quality of life for each resident.

    Our Engaged Living calendars give you the opportunity to be exactly as busy as you want to be with activities and events in these areas:

    Art and Education
    Activities that stimulate the mind and encourage learning and exploration. 

    Deep Connections
    Opportunities that connect to who you are as a person and your individual interests.

    Health and Wellness
    Robust exercise programs and activities that challenge the brain.

    Purposeful Living
    Activities that help us give back to others and remain an active part of society. 

    Recreation and Leisure
    Activities that are fun and enjoyable and encourage us to spend time with friends and family.

    Spiritual Journey
    Opportunities to connect to our soul through structured religious activities or individual reflection.


    Returning the joy to food

    As seniors age, they can encounter difficulties with taste, swallowing, or dexterity. Our award-winning Dining with Dignity program sets out to solve these problems and make food a pleasure again with delicious and classic meals re-thought to maximize safety, taste, and ease.

    Making experience count to give you the best

    Our emphasis on training, educating, and hiring the best in the field has led to a proven track record of success, with improved outcomes and health for every level and walk of life.

    We are specialists in the field of memory loss

    Alzheimer’s disease and the related diseases of dementia. Our small and intimate setting helps us focus more on care and programs for our residents and their families.

    Specialists with real experience

    We hire the best, and invest in making them even better by providing ongoing training and education. Every Barrington Terrace staff member is equipped to provide specialist understanding and knowledge for our residents and their families.

    Experience Counts: Get to Know Our Team

    Executive Director: Teresa Keating

    Teresa is a registered nurse with 30 years’ experience working with the senior population in England, Tennessee and Florida. Originally from Weymouth, Dorset, England she has been involved in all areas of healthcare in a post-acute care setting including hospitals, rehabilitation and home health. Her experience includes being a business owner, marketing director and a director of nursing. Teresa is married to Gary for over 20 years and has two children.

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    Maintenance Director: Frances Hurd

    I moved to Florida from Massachusetts in 1992. I worked in the building industries for most of my career and transitioned to senior living with Barrington Terrace in 2009. I live in Cape Coral with my loving wife Machell and two daughters, Kaley and Kaylynn. As a family, we enjoy the great outdoor weather in Florida. Camping, fishing, target shooting and four wheeling are a few of our family hobbies. At Barrington Terrace, “Honey Do” is my middle name. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to enrich the lives of our residents and I’ve learned to embrace the "Recovery Standard".

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    Senior Care Counselor: Martine MacNeil, LPN

    Martine is a Florida native, growing up in Cape Coral. She started her career in Senior living in 2008 and is also a licensed Nurse. She loves making deep connections with our Residents and enjoys making memories with them. Martine is married to her husband of 10 years and has 2 children.

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    Senior Care Counselor: Mindy Owens

    Mindy started he career in healthcare in 2010. She is a graduate of WVU with her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. She enjoys welcoming our new residents and making them feel comfortable in our community. She is married to her husband Chris and has a daughter Reghan.

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    Assistant Resident Care Director: Sandra Priddle, LPN

    Sandra started her career as a senior caregiver in 1989, she earned many certifications since and has been a licensed Nurse since 2005. Caring for others has always been her passion and she enjoys being an advocate for our residents in the community. Sandra is blessed with 6 children.

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    Resident Relations Director: Angela Proctor

    I joined Barrington Terrace in 2011. I started as a C.N.A, having come from an adult daycare & disabilities industry since 1990. I was quickly promoted to Evergreen Engagement Coordinator, helping pave the way to the Arbor Club, which is now known as Bridges. After a year, I was promoted to Director of Resident Relations. It is such a joy to be able to reminisce with all of our residents on a daily basis. Thank you Arbor Company for all you do.

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    Housekeeping Director: Nidza Rodriguez

    I joined Barrington Terrace in 2007 as a caregiver. Over the years, I've worked in assisted living and was here when we opened our memory care. Having worked as a caregiver and med-tech in both areas, I've watched the community and residents BLOSSOM before my eyes. Prior to joining Barrington, I was in commercial laundry for 25 years and found it a wonderful transition when promoted to the Housekeeping Director. I’m proud to be a leader in making sure everyone has the best "First Impression".

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    Business Office Manager: Kay Tolles

    I was raised in Illinois, but I have lived in Florida since 1980. I have been in Senior Living Accounting/Business since 2006 after 14 years at an Anesthesia Practice. I have found my niche in the Senior Living sector; I love our residents and families and the bonds that we have formed. I enjoy fishing, boating and traveling when I am not working.

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    Engagement Director: Adam Vasquez

    I've been with Barrington for over five years. Starting off as a server was the opportunity to begin my journey with the seniors. As time went on with Barrington, my next occupation was the Engagement Evergreen Coordinator. With the overall experience, it soon became clear what my role was here at Barrington. Enriching the lives of each resident, and creating deep connections.

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    Floor Plans


    Arbor Suite

    1 Bed, 1 Bath



    Garden Suite

    1 Bed, 1 Bath



    Terrace Suite

    1 Bed, 1 Bath



    Barrington Suite

    1 Bed, 1 Bath



    Arbor Suite - Memory Care

    Evergreen Studio Suite

    1 Bed, 1 Bath




    Dine in Style

    With several comfortable settings for dining, residents can enjoy chef-prepared favorites that appeal to the most particular tastes.


    Neighborhood Living Room

    Where residents can enjoy comfortable seating while reminiscing to familiar tunes and TV shows or participate in the activity of the moment.


    Dementia Friendly Design

    Residents enjoy a community floor plan and layout designed to reduce falls and confusion while maximizing independence and freedom for the perfect mix of safety and comfort.


    Concierge Services

    Friendly staff are available to assist you throughout the day.


    Wellness Center

    A place to receive minor medical attention by professional staff.


    Beautiful Environment

    Our grounds offer places to participate in a gardening activity with friends, take a leisurely stroll, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.


    Pricing & Availability

    Apartments at Arbor Terrace are starting at $3,420/month.

    Create the right combination of floor plan and health care services.satisfactionguaranteed.jpg Pricing is based on your choice of apartment and care needs. A complimentary wellness assessment will be provided to determine your individualized care needs. Your satisfaction is also guaranteed with our commitment to you and your family.

    We’re standing by to answer your questions. Just call (239) 908-4850 or click the button below.

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    Whenever You Want:

    Come join us for a visit, a tour, or even an overnight stay. Eat a meal, read a book in the library, and talk to our residents and staff about your questions. Schedule your visit today!


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    Assisted Living
    Memory Care

    “Your employees are your very best asset! We are so pleased with everything about Barrington Terrace!”

    - Family Member

    “For the past year and a half, I have worked a part time job that has afforded me an education outside of school.  My summer job that turned into a permanent job has taught me responsibility, efficiency, organization and most importantly, respect.”

    - Employee

    “Barrington Terrace staff are always approachable and friendly. They always take the time to help out in whatever way they can. Each time I enter the community I am so grateful to have such a caring place for mom to live.”

    - Family Member

    “We moved our mother into the Evergreen (memory care) neighborhood at Barrington Terrace from another local community. She is a new person, much happier, and all of our stress levels have dropped dramatically.”

    - Family Member

    Family Stories

    “Barrington Terrace staff are always approachable and friendly. They always take the time to help out in whatever way they can. Each time I enter the community I am so grateful to have such a caring place for mom to live.”

    - Family Member


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