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Assisted Living

Assisted living at Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers offers all the lifestyle and amenities you could want, with additional care and assistance so that you can have peace of mind. 

Apartments Starting at $3,950

Bridges Neighborhood

If your loved one is living with early-stage cognitive decline, Barrington Terrace's specially designed Bridges neighborhood was developed just for them.

Apartments Starting at $5,060

Memory Care

The Evergreen memory care neighborhood was designed specifically for seniors who are living with Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia. 

Apartments Starting at $5,060

Not Sure Which Senior Living Option Is Right for You? Take Our Senior Living Options Quiz.

Transitioning into senior living can be a difficult process without having the right information. One of the biggest questions is determining which level of care is right for you or your loved one. The goal of this quiz is to answer that question and to help you take the next step with confidence.

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Why Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers

At Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers, personalized assistance, genuine relationships, and award-winning care make all the difference. Our outstanding assisted living and memory care services help seniors maintain both physical and social health.

Experience luxurious Fort Myers senior living with caring, highly trained staff to provide the peace of mind and assistance you're looking for.

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Residents on couch having hors d'oeuvres

Where You Live a Full Life

When you're a resident of Barrington Terrace, you'll have access to activities, events, and programs exclusively designed to connect you with neighbors and our vibrant Fort Myers community.

Our monthly social calendars are filled with opportunities to make new friends, try a new hobby, rediscover a favorite pastime, and give back to the surrounding community.

From large events to smaller meetups, there is something here for everyone to enjoy — and a friend to share it with.

Female resident sitting at dinner table

Where You Have Peace of Mind

No need to worry about mundane household tasks, start enjoying a retirement lifestyle focused on fitness, friendships, and fun with assisted living services.

You'll gain access to programs designed uniquely to help seniors feel their best and caring professionals who are happy to lend a helping hand both in an emergency and on a consistent basis.

Regardless of your abilities or challenges, we are happy to help. Rest assured you're in good hands, here.

Why Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers
Residents on couch having hors d'oeuvres
Where You Live a Full Life
Female resident sitting at dinner table
Where You Have Peace of Mind
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Setting the Standard in Senior Living
We are proud to be an award-winning community

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A Community Designed Just for you

Senior living in Fort Myers that's made for residents just like you! Our Southwestern Florida community is built to reflect a wide array of interests, preferences, and abilities which is why each detail is designed to make your new home feel cozy and welcoming. 

You can relax at the on-site beauty salon and spa, receive one-on-one guidance from our wellness center, and host visiting family members in your spacious apartment or in a variety of community spaces.

Prefer the outdoors? There are plenty of gardens and pathways to safely bask in the beauty of nature while maintaining peace of mind.

However, our community is more than just a pretty building and grounds. Our amenities provide the best services senior living has to offer, including award-wining dining experiences, convenient housekeeping, and accessible transportation. 

You can always find the additional support or assistance you need at Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers. Let's create the retirement lifestyle of your dreams, together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of senior living options are found at Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers?

Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers offers assisted living, memory care, and our Bridges neighborhood, each providing tailored levels of  care, depending on residents' needs.

Assisted living is perfect for seniors who are enjoying retirement and simply need a little extra daily assistance. The Bridges neighborhood is a one-of-a-kind program designed for seniors in the early stages of cognitive decline, such as memory loss or dementia. In comparison, memory care is the best option for seniors who have progressed cognitive decline and require 24/7 care and a safe living environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our senior living options.

What amenities does Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers offer?

Senior living communities in Florida offer an array of amenities to meet almost any need, and provide a worry-free retirement lifestyle. From gourmet dining options to concierge services, laundry and housekeeping to transportation, you’ll find the assistance and amenities you’ve always wanted at Barrington Terrace. Learn more on our Services & Amenities page.

What is the cost of memory care in Florida?

Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers provides some of the most competitive prices for memory care apartments and programs. Check out our Senior Living Cost Calculator to get an idea of how this price compares to your current expenses.

What's the difference between a nursing home in Fort Myers, FL, and Barrington Terrace?

If you need a little extra assistance with everyday tasks, you may be considering either a senior living community, like Barrington Terrace, or a nursing home. Although they have some similarities, these options are very different in terms of care and environment.

A nursing home provides a very clinical atmosphere where you are surrounded by caregivers and medical professionals. Residents don't usually have much privacy or as much freedom to maintain their own routine or schedule.

Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers provides a very different atmosphere that is more homey and inviting. Residents stay in their own apartments and have access to 24/7 caregivers and medical professionals if they need anything. There's also more freedom to choose different activities and programs as well as hang out in different social areas.

How much does senior living cost in Fort Myers, FL?

Seniors who live in Fort Myers, FL, will most likely want to seek senior care within their local community. This allows them to maintain their relationships and community connections even as they are making this transition.

Senior living can range in costs based on the residents’ care needs. However, this number will look very different depending on the type of care you need, the community you choose, and if your care needs progress.

Our interactive Senior Living Cost Calculator will help you understand  your current costs compared to the cost of senior living.

What does the Bridges neighborhood at Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers provide?

Our Bridges neighborhood is a one-of-a-kind community for seniors in the early stages of cognitive decline. It is the best option for seniors who do not necessarily need memory care but could still benefit from specialized programming and  assistance from qualified caregivers.The Bridges neighborhood provides cognitive activities, socialization, and cognitive and physical well-being programs.

Contact us today to schedule a tour to learn more about this community.

How are memory care services different from assisted living services in Fort Myers, FL?

Assisted living communities are primarily designed for seniors in retirement who only require minimal daily assistance. They may be looking for assistance with things like transportation, housekeeping, or laundry services.

On the other hand, memory care is specifically designed for seniors with cognitive decline. They may have Alzheimer's or dementia and require more extensive care, such as help with personal hygiene, dining, or getting around. Memory care communities also provide a safer living environment and 24/7 supervision.

How is assisted living different from at-home care in Fort Myers, FL?

At-home care allows seniors to age in place and have a caregiver come to their home to assist them with everyday tasks. It allows seniors to maintain their independence while still having access to the care they need. However, this can become quite costly, especially if your care needs progress and you need more attention or assistance.

An assisted living community helps seniors continue to enjoy their retirement as their care needs change and progress.. It also provides amenities like transportation, laundry, housekeeping, dining, and spa services. Assisted living also provides a perfect environment where seniors can remain independent while getting the care they need in a social environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living community.

Why live at Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers instead of living at home?

It can be tempting for seniors to want to continue living at home even as their cognitive and physical health needs change. The reality is that this isn't always the best option since you may not be able to get the care that you need within your budget.

Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers boasts a team of qualified caregivers and medical professionals who can help you create a retirement lifestyle that is perfect for your needs. We respect your privacy but are always available to lend a helping hand when you need it most. Our community is the perfect environment for socialization and remaining active throughout your retirement.


Assisted Living

Additional peace of mind and assistance that enables you to maintain an active, healthy, and fulfilled lifestyle.

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Bridges Neighborhood

A unique blend of care tailor-made for seniors living with the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, focused on cognitive challenges and supportive socialization.

Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers two women painting

Memory Care

Created for seniors living with Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia, prioritizing safety, engagement, and meaningful connections.

At Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers, relationships, personalized assistance, and peace of mind make all the difference. You’ll find a luxury lifestyle, coupled with access to our highly trained and caring staff, designed to keep you feeling your very best.

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