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Fostering Deep Connections

Living with Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia can make socializing a challenge. We recognize the importance of keeping our residents well connected and designed the Bridges neighborhood with built-in supports for those with early-cognitive decline.

There is a wide variety of programs and social events that encourage cognitive exercise and healthy socialization. Your loved one will be welcomed into a caring community and remain connected with others.


Total Wellness for Mental and Physical Health

Our highly trained team prioritizes total wellness to help slow cognitive decline. We work alongside you and your loved one to create a personalized care plan specific to their preferences and needs.

Additionally, we offer safe medication management services to eliminate the worry of consequences surrounding a doubled or missed medication dose.

To further promote wellness, our Bridges neighborhood provides exercise classes and fun-filled events to activate the body and mind. There is always something engaging to do and a friend to experience it with.

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Housekeeping Housekeeping

Personalized Retirement for Your Loved One

Keeping up with household tasks can be overwhelming, especially when living in the early stages of cognitive decline.

Our team will gladly take care of linen, laundry, housekeeping, and maintenance so your loved one can simply focus on their health and participate in activities and events to stay connected.

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Engaging the Mind, Body, and Soul

We don't buy into the stereotypical idea of retirement. At Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers, we go above and beyond to provide the highest quality of life for every resident, regardless of their cognitive challenges.

Every month, the residents of our Bridges neighborhood enjoy a fun-filled Engaged Lifestyle calendar with thoughtfully created events and fulfilling activities.

Art (1) Art and Education Stimulating the mind by learning another language, painting a portrait, or exploring a new craft or skill.
people Deep Connections Feeling connected to a lively community. We ask the right questions and take the time to listen. It’s why residents accomplish amazing things here — things they never thought possible on their own.
health wellness Health and Wellness Our exercise programs are designed especially for seniors to improve mobility, maintain fitness, and even challenge the brain — all in a fun format.
lotus Purposeful Living At Barrington Terrace, residents are meaningfully engaged throughout the day. An important part of that includes opportunities to volunteer and give back to others while remaining actively involved in the community.
Recreation (1) Recreation and Leisure We go out of our way to fulfill each resident’s wish list. From live music to barbecues to karaoke nights, if you can dream it, chances are that we’ll try it. And we love helping with family get-togethers.
Spiritual (1) Spiritual Journey For many, the health of one’s soul is as meaningful as the health of one’s body. And so we offer ample opportunities for structured religious activities and individual reflection.
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Delectable Dining and Lively Conversations

Community is created around the table here at Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers. Your loved one can grab a quick coffee with a neighbor after yoga class and gather with friends for a delicious, chef-prepared meal.

Our award-winning dining program makes a nutritious, positive meal experience accessible to every resident whether they need assistance or dine independently with these adaptive options.

Every day, residents in our Bridges neighborhood enjoy three meals in our dining room. We encourage them to invite a guest any time they'd like by purchasing a meal ticket in advance for a small fee.

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Comparing Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Options

In this guide, you’ll learn, how dementia care can improve dementia, the different options available for dementia care, things to look for in a community specific to dementia care, and much more.

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Things to Do and Enjoy Around Every Corner

Residents always have a choice of what to do at Barrington Terrace. Whether they wish to enjoy a quiet cup of tea in the library or stroll through our professionally landscaped gardens, there is something for everyone. Our regular group excursions provide opportunities for Bridges residents to discover beautiful beaches, delightful shopping and dining experiences, and much more. It's our honor to help your loved one feel like themselves again while offering them the support they need to pursue their true passions and interests.

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Downtown Fort Myers Downtown Fort Myers

Enjoying Fort Myers Life

One highlight of living at Barrington Terrace is being located near the heart of Fort Myers!

This Southwestern Florida community boasts miles of white sandy beaches, a charming newly renovated downtown, and gorgeous golf courses.

Plus, the airport is less than 15 miles away, making it a convenient destination for family and friends to visit often.

Our Fort Myers early-stage cognitive decline program features a secure setting. Residents can explore the beauty of Fort Myers as part of a group excursion or alongside a family member or trusted friend. This ensures the safety of each resident while still allowing them the freedom to experience what the surrounding community has to offer.


Barrington Bridges Neighborhood Floor Plans

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and convenience with our thoughtfully designed floor plans. We don't just offer apartments, we provide you with a home tailored to meet your unique needs. From cozy studios to one-bedroom apartments, each of our floor plans is designed to offer you the ultimate in comfort and convenience. You'll love coming home to Barrington Terrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

At which stage should someone with dementia move into the Bridges neighborhood?

The Bridges neighborhood at Barrington Terrace at Fort Myers is designed for seniors in the early stages of cognitive decline. If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia and are noticing that extra support is becoming necessary, Bridges is a great option.  

The Bridges neighborhood provides activities and specialized cognitive care that helps slow the progression of dementia and Alzheimer's while still providing residents with independence.

What's the difference between a nursing home and the Bridges neighborhood at Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers?

Although the Bridges neighborhood at Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers and nursing homes have some similarities, they are very different. A nursing home provides caregiving services and medical care to seniors in various stages of cognitive or physical decline.Residents often share rooms and don't have much privacy or control over their own routines. The atmosphere is less welcoming, as it feels more like a hospital than a senior living community.

In the Bridges neighborhood, residents have their own apartments and can control what they do on a day-to-day basis. They have access to 24/7 care and can get daily assistance with things like laundry, personal care, dining, and transportation. The Bridges neighborhood allows residents to maintain their independence and receive more specialized care for cognitive decline.

How can the Bridges neighborhood be paid for?

The Bridges neighborhood at Barrington Terrace of Fort Myers is more affordable than you may think. We accept different kinds of programs that can help you cover the cost of senior care, such as veterans benefits. We also provide a comprehensive cost calculator that gives you a breakdown of your current cost compared to the cost of our senior living options.

Contact us to learn more about our pricing and available financing options.

What types of features are in place to keep residents safe in the Bridges neighborhood?

The Bridges neighborhood provides safety features such as secure entrances and exits, a senior-friendly floor plan, adequate lighting, emergency call systems, and secure outdoor spaces. These are all things that ensure our residents stay safe while allowing them to move about within the community.

Contact us  to learn more about our safety precautions.

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