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Before you retired, dreams of the future may have been what got you through each day — whether those days involved whining toddlers and crying babies or endless workplace stress. You might not be able to retire on a vineyard or spend your time sailing around the world, especially if you have health issues or financial limitations. But that doesn’t mean your retirement has to be dull. The right senior living community can deliver on the promise of a dreamy retirement, serving up gourmet meals, endless entertainment, and meaningful companionship.

If you’re considering a move to senior living, The Preserve at Palm-Aire is a special community that can serve seniors with a wide range of needs. Here’s what makes us different.

A Continuum of Care

One of the great challenges of aging is that your needs may shift, especially if you have a chronic health condition or are lucky enough to live a long life. Seniors who choose independent living in other communities may have to move as their needs change. Arbor empowers you to age in place by offering dementia care, assisted living, and independent living options all in one thriving community.

Luxurious Touches

You’ve worked hard your entire life. You can enjoy a little luxury. Arbor offers gourmet meals, including delicious fare that caters to specific medical needs or dietary preferences. Our homes are immaculate, and we keep them that way with regular housekeeping. During the spring and summer, enjoy our flawlessly manicured gardens. In the winter months, you can look forward to a wide range of holiday-themed special events. In every season of the year and of life, Arbor prioritizes its residents’ needs and their happiness.

A Sense of Purpose

When you retire, it’s easy to feel like you've lost a sense of purpose — especially when you’ve dedicated your entire life to a company, to raising a family, or to supporting other people. The Preserve at Palm-Aire restores a sense of meaning. We’ll help you learn new skills, go on field trips, and even volunteer in your community. If there's something you’re itching to do that we don’t offer, we’ll work with you to help build a new class or program.


Plenty to Do

There are 168 hours in a week. How do you intend to fill them all? Managing your time in retirement can feel daunting, especially if you don’t drive or don’t know where to find the best activities. Arbor offers an ever-evolving spectrum of fun and meaningful activities, all under one roof. Enjoy exercise classes, bingo, live music, chances to learn new skills, lectures, clubs, special events, parties, and more. You deserve some fun. That’s exactly what we deliver, day after day, week after week, year after year. Never worry again about transportation or relying on loved ones to keep you entertained. Arbor is filled with active, engaged seniors who spend every day trying new things and enjoying life.

New Friendships

Our relationships imbue life with meaning and purpose. Most seniors want to make new friends — and even stoke new romances — in retirement. But finding people who share your interests and values can be tough, especially if you live in a rural area, no longer drive, or find it difficult to find fun activities. At The Preserve at Palm-Aire, friendship matters. You’ll live among a community of seniors who are as committed to independent, joyful living as you are. Your new best friend may be just a few doors down.

No matter where you are in your senior living journey, we want to help you enjoy your retirement. Subscribe to our blog for tips on better living, senior health, and choosing the right senior living community.

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Melanie White

About the Author: Melanie White

Melanie has 28 years of senior living experience. She has held positions at the corporate, regional and community level. As an Army brat, much of Melanie’s upbringing centered around being at events that were attended by seniors. Through this, she gained a respect and admiration for the senior population. She is passionate about leading a team of professionals that work daily to give our residents opportunities to enjoy being part of our family.

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