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Senior living, Active Senior Living What Makes The Preserve at Palm-Aire Different Than Other Senior Living Options

Before you retired, dreams of the future may have been what got you through each day — whether those days involved whining toddlers and crying babies or endless workplace stress. You might not be able to retire on a vineyard or spend your time sailing around the world, especially if you have health issues or financial limitations. But that doesn’t mean your retirement has to be dull. The right senior living community can deliver on the promise of a dreamy retirement, serving up gourmet meals, endless entertainment, and meaningful companionship. If you’re considering a move to senior living, The Preserve at Palm-Aire is a special community that can serve seniors with a wide range of needs. Here’s what makes us different.

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Senior living, Lifestyle, Active Senior Living 6 Amazing Things About Living in Palm-Aire

Broward County, Florida, is one of the region’s most rapidly growing communities. But the pace of life at Palm-Aire remains slower, and more community oriented. This family-friendly region boasts stunning views, low crime, high property values, and plenty of conveniences like great food and quality boutiques. Whether you’re considering a move or weighing the benefits of staying for retirement, here’s what living in Palm-Aire, Florida, can offer you.

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Senior living, Active Senior Living What Does Active Senior Living Look Like in Palm-Aire, FL?

Palm-Aire is Pompano Beach’s premier community, and for good reason. Featuring gorgeous architecture, low crime, sea breezes, wildlife, and friendly neighbors, it blends just about everything you could want from a Florida retirement into one thriving region. Seniors flock to Palm-Aire because they know it offers the luxury they crave, without the traffic, congestion, and smog of other Florida cities. If you’re considering active senior living in Palm Aire, Florida, here’s how the right community can change your life and revolutionize what it means to have an enjoyable retirement.

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Senior living, Cost of Senior Living What Does Senior Living Cost in Pompano Beach, FL?

Gourmet dining. Scenic views. Frequent beach trips. Spotless homes. Daily activities. Live music that comes to you. Does it sound like the stuff of retirement dreams? At the right Pompano Beach senior living community, it’s already a reality. Senior living isn’t what it used to be. Today’s seniors enjoy adventure, luxury, and whatever help they may need, all from the comfort of their stunning beach homes. The right communities are so impressive that seniors don’t just move when they need help; they move into independent living communities that nurture their adventurous spirits. Yet many seniors who learn of these benefits fear that the cost of senior living in Pompano Beach, Florida, is more than they can afford. So how much can you expect to pay? That depends.

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Independent living How Independent Living Can Keep You Feeling Younger

If your dreams of a Pompano Beach, Florida, retirement include endless waterfront views, plenty of adventure, and lots of time outdoors, you might be reluctant to move out of your home. In fact, most seniors say they want to live at home for as long as possible. Paradoxically, research also finds that seniors who move to senior living communities lead happier, longer lives. Myths about senior living might color your perceptions, discouraging you from exploring all your options. Here’s how independent living can keep you feeling younger while leading a life of joy and adventure.

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Assisted living 5 Perks of Assisted Living in Pompano Beach, FL

For many seniors, Pompano Beach, Florida, is the ideal retirement destination. It blends coastal views, year-round warmth, and a welcoming community with the convenience of suburban living. Perhaps that’s why seniors comprise about a quarter of the Pompano Beach population. If your needs are changing, you have a chronic illness, or you worry about the safety of continuing to live at home, assisted living in Pompano Beach offers the lush beauty of a beachy town in a setting where you can get the help you need. Here are five key perks of living in an assisted living community.

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Independent living, Activities for Seniors Checklist: 10 Activities an Independent Living Community Should Offer

With its perfect weather, rich cultural offerings, endless dining options, and access to some of the world’s most beautiful natural resources, it’s no wonder that Pompano Beach is a popular retirement destination for active seniors. If you’re looking for a community of fellow retirees who enjoy life as much as you do, chances are good that you will find it in Pompano Beach. To help you narrow your search for an independent living community that fits your unique wants and needs when it comes to life, leisure, and the pursuit of fun, we created a checklist of the top 10 activities active seniors look for when considering an independent living community in South Florida.

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Retirement, Senior Resources 4 Things to Know About Retirement Near Pompano Beach, FL

If your retirement plans include relocation to Florida, you wouldn’t be alone. Florida is the top retirement destination for many older adults, with approximately 84,000 people retiring to the Sunshine State each year. And although you too may be dreaming of Florida, you may not be sure which community would best suit your lifestyle. If Pompano Beach is not already on your short list of dream cities, you’ll want to add it quickly.

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Senior Resources 17 Resources for Senior Citizens in Pompano Beach, FL

Nineteen percent of Pompano Beach, Florida, residents are older than 65. This figure is rapidly rising thanks in large part to the exceptional life seniors can expect in this warm and inviting city. The right resources can help you make the most of your retirement, whether you crave an action-packed life filled with adventure or a quiet chance to rest and reflect. Here are the most helpful resources for senior citizens in Pompano Beach.

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Staff Spotlight Employee Spotlight Featuring the Wonderful Bernadette Theodore

For 30 years, The Arbor Company has empowered seniors to live better lives, gain more independence, and remain as healthy as possible. Bernadette Theodore, known affectionately as Ms. B. to the staff, has been with Arbor almost since the very beginning. In her 27 years of service at The Preserve, she’s learned that good people can make a difference in the lives of seniors at every step of the aging journey. 

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