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Community News Donald Henningsen Recounts His U.S. Air Corps Career

Donald Henningsen, 98-year-old resident of the Preserve at Palm-Aire, recently recounted his U.S. Air Corps career in 1944 to Local 10 News.

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Thankful for Our Residents at The Preserve at Palm-Aire

The staff at The Preserve at Palm-Aire is thankful for all of our wonderful residents. Our team has really enjoyed serving you this year, and we wanted to share our appreciation. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Independent living, Assisted living, Assisted Living vs. Independent Living The Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living at Our Community

According to a recent AARP survey, 75 percent of retirees hope to remain in their homes. Most people crave comfortable, familiar surroundings as they turn the page to the next chapter of their lives. For many seniors, though, aging in place isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The right senior living community can help you live a luxurious, comfortable retirement, even if your needs change or you face health issues as you age. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the many options available, especially if you’re weighing independent living versus assisted living. Here’s what you need to know about each option in The Preserve community.

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Senior living, Senior Living Options How to Search for Senior Living in Palm-Aire, Florida

Palm-Aire’s warm weather, coastal breezes, and pristine beaches offer something for everyone. Adrenaline addicts will find plenty of adventure Jet-Skiing or deep-sea fishing. Nature lovers can spend their days watching crabs, looking for dolphins, hunting for seashells, or spending time in one of Broward County’s many parks. There’s also plenty to do with the grandkids, whether you’re heading to Zoo Miami or burying one another in the sand. The right senior living community offers a launchpad for everything you want to do in retirement, a safe place to call home, luxury living, gourmet meals, and a continuum of care if you ever need assistance. So how can you find the right senior living in Palm-Aire? Here’s how to begin your search.

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Senior Activities Top 8 of Our Favorite Outdoor Activities for Seniors Near Pompano

If the coronavirus pandemic has you feeling a bit stir-crazy and cooped up in your home, there are still plenty of safe ways to get out and about. Outdoor activities for seniors abound in the Pompano Beach area, and most options offer plenty of space for safe social distancing. Here are a few of our favorite spots and activities you can enjoy safely while getting some fresh air.

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Senior Safety, Health & Safety 5 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors in Pompano Beach | The Preserve at Palm-Aire

Summer is a chance to soak up some sun, swim with the grandkids, grow tomatoes that are the envy of the neighborhood, and enjoy live music on the water. But more time outside and more physical activities can also spell danger for seniors. Injuries can increase during warmer months. About 650 people die each year from heat-related illnesses alone, and most of them are seniors. You can enjoy time with your family in the sun while remaining safe with these simple summer safety tips.

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Senior living, Lifestyle, Active Senior Living 8 Amazing Things About Living in Palm-Aire

Living in Palm-Aire, Florida, means cool beach breezes, year-round warmth, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun, artistic endeavors, and new friendships. With stunning homes, low crime, and exceptional schools, Broward County may be more than a retirement spot. It may also entice your loved ones to move. Here’s why Palm-Aire may offer your ideal retirement.

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Independent living How Independent Living Is Different at Our Community

Think you already know everything about independent living? Think again. The Arbor Company’s 30 years of experience serving seniors and their families gives us unique insight into how to craft individualized and exceptional retirements. We know that these years can be exciting as you transition away from working. They can also be uncertain because you don’t know what the future holds. Our approach to independent living is setting the industry standard and showing seniors that you really can have it all. Here’s what’s different at our community.

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Dementia, Dementia Care, Dementia Resources Looking for Dementia Care in Palm-Aire? Here's What to Look For

Dementia can feel like a dirty word. Perhaps that’s why many doctors and family members elect not to tell seniors that they have been diagnosed with dementia. Though dementia presents some challenges, it doesn’t have to mark the end of a meaningful life. Seniors deserve to know about their diagnosis so that they can plan for the future they want and deserve. Dementia care in Palm-Aire, Florida, is more than just a strategy for keeping a person with dementia safe. The right community can improve quality of life, maximizing your loved one’s abilities for as long as possible. Here’s what to look for.

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Assisted living Here's Why Assisted Living in Palm-Aire Could Be the Right Move for You

Does the sound of crashing waves fill the soundtrack of every retirement dream you have? Do you want a break from bone-chilling winters and a chance to spend more time outside? If so, then retirement in Palm-Aire, Florida, might be the perfect move for you. Too many seniors feel torn between the challenges of aging — struggles with daily activities, the need to find new and meaningful things to do — and the fantasy of retirement. Assisted living offers the perfect solution, bringing everything you need under one breezy Palm-Aire roof. Here’s why assisted living might be the right move for you.

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