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Palm-Aire’s warm weather, coastal breezes, and pristine beaches offer something for everyone. Adrenaline addicts will find plenty of adventure Jet-Skiing or deep-sea fishing. Nature lovers can spend their days watching crabs, looking for dolphins, hunting for seashells, or spending time in one of Broward County’s many parks. There’s also plenty to do with the grandkids, whether you’re heading to Zoo Miami or burying one another in the sand. The right senior living community offers a launchpad for everything you want to do in retirement, a safe place to call home, luxury living, gourmet meals, and a continuum of care if you ever need assistance. So how can you find the right senior living in Palm-Aire? Here’s how to begin your search.

Identify Your Needs

Why are you considering a move to senior living? Is it because you want more neighbors, more friends, and more adventure? Do you need assistance with daily tasks? Have you been diagnosed with a serious medical condition? Your reason for senior living can help guide your choice. So make a list of your needs — whether it’s gourmet vegetarian meals or help bathing. Next, consider how those needs might change over time. If you have a chronic or degenerative illness but do not need help now, it’s still wise to consider a community that offers assisted living. This way you can always get the help you need while staying in a single community.

Explore Senior Living in Palm-Aire

Armed with your list of must-haves, it’s time to start exploring communities that can meet those needs. Here are some great ways to begin your search:

  • Ask a trusted healthcare provider which communities they trust.
  • If you know someone who lives in a senior community, ask if they'd recommend their choice.
  • Spend some time looking for communities on your favorite search engine or social media page.
  • Visit your local senior center to look for community listings and ask visitors for a recommendation.
  • Read online reviews to hear from residents and their families.

Visit Communities

When you've identified a few communities that seem like a good fit, it’s time to schedule a tour. The best communities will be eager to welcome you at any time of the day. The best time to visit is during a community event, such as a game night, or a meal. This affords you the chance to talk to residents, see how staff and residents interact, and taste the food. Be sure to ask to view a unit so that you can picture your own stuff in the space.

Asking many questions is also important. You can learn much about a community from how friendly its staff are and how eager they are to answer questions. The responses to these queries matter, too. Some good discussion topics include:

  • Is there a waiting list?
  • Can I get a continuum of care here, or will I need to move if my needs change?
  • What meal plans do you offer?
  • What specific activities do you offer? How many days per week are there activities?
  • Do you offer transportation?
  • Do you provide other amenities, such as housekeeping?
  • How long do staff typically stay in your community?

Trust Your Intuition

A list of pros and cons can only take you so far. After you’ve visited communities and narrowed your options, it’s important to trust your instincts. Which community felt like home? Were there any staff with whom you connected? There’s no objectively right choice for every scenario. Instead, the search is about choosing the community where you feel happiest. So envision yourself living at each place you’ve visited, then select the picture you like most.

The Preserve believes every senior deserves an exceptional retirement, whether it’s with us or not. We’ve designed our “Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community” e-book with that goal in mind. Download it for free and gain plenty of insider tips for finding your perfect home.

Safe & Comfortable Guide

Melanie White

About the Author: Melanie White

Melanie has 28 years of senior living experience. She has held positions at the corporate, regional and community level. As an Army brat, much of Melanie’s upbringing centered around being at events that were attended by seniors. Through this, she gained a respect and admiration for the senior population. She is passionate about leading a team of professionals that work daily to give our residents opportunities to enjoy being part of our family.

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