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Meet Myrna Springel, resident at The Preserve at Palm-Aire and spry 94-year-old. Prior to retirement, Myrna held a few occupations including dance therapist, director of activities at a psychiatric hospital, and commercial acting.

Myrna is not letting retirement slow her down. She enjoys writing, reading, and music-related activities. When asked what she loved most about retirement she responded, “contentment!” She went on to share that she loves feeling safe and spending time with interesting people.

We inquired a bit more about retirement at The Preserve at Palm-Aire and Myrna shared her favorite memory. “I was able to have a family reunion with help from The Preserve staff.” Other favorite activities of Myrna’s include the Mother's Day brunch, play readings, and musical performances. Myrna is grateful that she was kept safe during the pandemic. She enjoys the bustling activities programs, and she loves that the staff is responsive to her needs.

myrnaAnd our staff loves having Myrna around. "Myrna brings such positive energy to the community... she always has a smile on her face,” Kathryn Lane, Assistant Engagement Director shared.

Assistant Executive Director, Michael Kaminski had these impressive words to say about Myrna, “She is amazing, super friendly, and the only 90-plus year old that I know that can do a yoga pose headstand."

When asked what advice she had for someone considering the move to senior living Myrna said, “It’s a big decision and one must have an open mind about change.” Myrna continued, “I'm grateful to have a beautiful apartment that I love and beautiful people who take care of me here.”

The Preserve at Palm-Aire is pleased to have Myrna here, sharing her smile and friendly demeanor.

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