Choosing the right memory care community for a loved one in the Palm-Aire, FL region involves considering more than just comfort and care; safety is a paramount concern for those with memory conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. This is because of common risks that arise, such as wandering into danger outdoors or suffering a fall.

Award-winning care communities near Pompano Beach are specially designed to provide a secure environment for individuals with memory impairments, so residents can live their life to the fullest while their families can enjoy the peace of mind that their loved one is always cared for. Next, we’ll dive into eight key safety features you should look for when touring Palm-Aire memory care communities.

Secure Perimeters

Security begins with monitored access within and without the community grounds. Look for top options that feature secure perimeters, preventing residents from wandering. Wandering is a common concern for individuals with dementia and ensuring they don’t accidentally put themselves in harm's way is critical in preventing life-threatening situations such as falls. 
Safety measures can include fenced boundaries and secured gates that are regularly monitored by staff. The community in Palm-Aire that you are considering should have a cutting-edge system in place to alert staff if a resident leaves the safe zones.

Around-the-Clock Supervision

Supervision is a critical key facet of a top memory care community in Pompano Beach, FL. Ensure that the community has trained staff available 24/7 to assist residents and respond to emergencies. This consistent presence helps meet the unique needs of residents, providing immediate assistance whenever necessary as well as preventing potential accidents.

Emergency Call Systems

As you tour potential communities, check if the hallways, rooms and outdoor spaces are equipped with an efficient emergency call system. Residents should have easy access to call buttons or pull cords that alert staff immediately if they need help. This feature is critical for responding swiftly in case of medical emergencies.

Fire Safety and Prevention

Fire safety measures are non-negotiable in a Palm-Aire memory care community. Verify with dedicated team members and caregivers that the community adheres to all local fire safety regulations and best practices. This includes having smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems in place. Regular fire drills and clear, accessible emergency exits are also essential for the safety of all residents.

Well-Lit and Clear Pathways

Good lighting and unobstructed pathways are important in preventing falls, which are a common risk for individuals with memory conditions. Memory care communities should have bright lighting both indoors and outdoors to ensure residents can clearly see where they are going. Hallways and common areas should also be free of hazards such as loose rugs or unnecessary furniture that could cause trips or falls.

One additional feature to consider are clear and large-print signs helping residents find their way throughout the grounds. This will help them maintain a sense of independence as well as minimize any confusion.

Appropriately Secured Doors and Windows

While it’s important for residents to feel at home, it’s equally crucial to ensure their safety with appropriate locks on doors and windows, particularly in areas that lead outside or to potentially dangerous locations. These locks should, however, allow for quick and easy exit by staff and residents in case of emergencies. As an important note when touring local memory care communities, ask for a demonstration on how these locks operate as well as examples of the locations where they are used.

Safe Bathroom Features

Bathrooms are frequent sites of accidents within memory care communities. Look for safety features, even ones that can be installed for unique needs, such as grab bars, non-slip mats, and walk-in showers that reduce the risk of accidents. Emergency pull cords in bathrooms can also enhance safety by ensuring help is nearby if a resident falls or feels unwell.

Health Monitoring Devices

Some memory care communities in Palm-Aire, FL offer wearable health monitoring devices for residents, especially those who need advanced memory care services. These devices can track vital signs, detect falls, and monitor a resident’s movements. Cutting-edge technology like this can be instrumental in providing immediate care in emergencies as well as provide peace of mind for loved ones.

When evaluating a memory care community in Palm-Aire, it’s crucial to ensure that the community not only offers a compassionate and engaging environment but is also equipped with comprehensive safety features tailored to the needs of individuals with dementia. At The Preserve at Palm-Aire, we put our focus on installing industry-leading technology and provide personal assistance throughout our indoor and outdoor spaces to protect every resident from common dangers. At the Preserve, you and your family can truly rest assured that your loved one is secure and cared for every day. 

For more information, don’t forget to download our Dementia Care Checklist. This checklist will help you easily identify your loved ones preferences and needs, so that you can feel confident in making the right choice for them.

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