7 Senior-Friendly Activities to Enjoy at Lake Peachtree

Lake Peachtree offers Peachtree City’s best waterfront vistas. Thanks to Georgia’s active winter rainy season, the lake is usually at full pool by the beginning of spring, making Lake Peachtree the perfect destination for spring fishing, Easter egg hunts, and a wide range of other outdoor activities. If lakefront living is part of your retirement plan, Peachtree City is the perfect destination. Here are seven great activities for seniors to enjoy at the lake. 



Lake Peachtree features ramps for canoes and kayaks, making it a prime spot for low-key boating fun. These boats don’t just bring you closer to nature. They also offer an easy workout so that you can stay physically fit while listening to birds sing and playing with your grandkids. 

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Dedicated fishers know that you can’t visit such a serene lake without grabbing a pole. Lake Peachtree is well stocked with a wide variety of fish. So grab a pontoon and cast a line, or just sit on the dock and see what bites. 


Hiking and Walking 

Walking around the lake is easy, low-key exercise that gives you a full view of everything Lake Peachtree has to offer. For something a bit more challenging, try walking the woods surrounding the lake or planning a frisbee game at Drake Field. 



The Luther Holt All Children’s Playground is the perfect spot for playing with the grandkids. Take a break to picnic at Drake Field, which boasts stunning greenery and a perfect view of the lake. 



You don’t have to be obsessed with the outdoors to love Lake Peachtree. Settle in with a good book at the pavilion while your spouse plays with the grandkids nearby. You’ll get some fresh air in a serene and peaceful setting, without having to plan a complex fishing expedition or rent a boat. 



Lake Peachtree is surrounded by wildlife of every variety, including numerous species of birds. Veteran bird-watchers love to look on as birds swoop over the lake and build nests. So take your binoculars and your bird log. If you want a unique birding expedition, consider walking into the forest a bit to see some shier bird friends. During baby season, you might even see bird parents feeding their offspring. Consider joining the Atlanta Audubon Society for veteran tips on bird-watching in the area. 


Golf Cart Fun

It may sound strange, but golf carts are a huge part of Peachtree City’s culture. You’ll see them traveling down sidewalks and even in grocery store parking lots. If you’re not as spry as you used to be but still love cool breezes and water views, grab a golf cart and circle the lake. It’s a great way to find the best view and see some wildlife. 

Seniors are living longer, healthier lives than ever. You may have two, three, or even four decades ahead of you to fill with fun. So keeping retirement fresh can be a challenge. Arbor specializes in helping seniors live their retirement dreams. For more ideas about senior-friendly activities and for help making the most of your retirement, subscribe to our blog

Download The Busy Person's Guide to Recreation in Retirement

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