WC Blog- Debunking AL Myths

If you haven’t visited a high-quality assisted living community lately, chances are good you think assisted living is a place few people want to be. You might view assisted living as a boring place for boring people, or as a home of last resort for people who can no longer live at home.

The truth is that assisted living can breathe new life into seniors, offering greater adventure and more independence than would ever be possible at home. It’s time to ditch these myths about assisted living communities in Maryland once and for all. Don’t let fear guide your retirement decisions. Embrace the rich possibilities of today’s assisted living communities.

1. Assisted Living is Just Another Name for a Nursing Home

A nursing home offers skilled nursing care to people with complex medical needs. For many people, a nursing home is a temporary stop. They might stay in a nursing home while recovering from a broken hip or surgery, for example.

Assisted living offers ongoing support and care to people who need help with one or more activities of daily living. While people in assisted living often do face medical challenges, they are also deeply invested in remaining as independent as possible. Think of a nursing home as a hospital-like setting, while an assisted living community offers all of the benefits of living at home, but with support, meals, and plenty of activities.

2. Assisted Living is Boring

No one wants to spend their retirement bored. No wonder so many seniors are reluctant to give assisted living a try. The truth is that assisted living offers many more opportunities for socialization and activities than you can get at home. A yoga class might be a few steps outside your door, and fine dining is a daily affair. For seniors who no longer drive, who struggle to make plans, who can’t afford to enroll in every class they find, or who feel isolated or bored at home, assisted living offers a perfect antidote.

3. Assisted Living is Depressing

Let’s face it: the fear underlying most seniors’ resistance to giving assisted living a try is a fear of unhappiness. No one wants to feel lonely or discarded. No one wants to be surrounded by sick or unhappy people. Assisted living is not depressing. Indeed, for many seniors it offers a cure for the depressing isolation of remaining at home.

You’ll meet new friends, get to choose from a wide variety of daily activities, and always have a special event--such as live music or a winery excursion--to look forward to. Assisted living may also improve your relationship with loved ones by absolving them of their need to serve as caregivers. This can restore a sense of self-worth and help you feel less overwhelmed by the challenges of growing older.

4. People Move to Assisted Living Because They Have No Other Choice

Assisted living is not a place of last resort. Instead, most seniors report that they are happier and more fulfilled in assisted living. The right community keeps seniors active and engaged, gently supporting them to remain as independent as possible even when age or infirmity make it difficult to manage daily tasks such as dressing or grooming.

5. Everyone in Assisted Living is Sick

Assisted living is for people who need a little help with daily activities. Sometimes this is because of a serious illness. Often, however, it’s because of the realities of aging. A person with severe arthritis, for example, may need a little help to safely get dressed, while diabetes may make it difficult to choose and prepare healthy meals.

Many seniors in assisted living are very healthy, and are committed to remaining so. For people who want to live as long as possible, assisted living is a great option. By keeping you active, offering access to nourishing meals, and ensuring you never feel lonely or bored, assisted living may help you live longer.

Arbor Terrace Waugh Chapel is one of the best assisted living communities in Maryland. We see assisted living as a path to greater independence for seniors who want and deserve meaningful, joyful retirements. We’re revolutionizing senior care, replacing boring retirement homes with communities where seniors can find new hobbies, new love, and new adventure. Give us a call or attend one of our special events to learn more!