Building deep connections with our residents lies at the heart of everything we do. Mia Flores, our engagement director, sheds light on the significance of these profound bonds, which form the core of our daily interactions. By delving into the lives of our residents, from their remarkable accomplishments to their daily routines, we gain invaluable insights that enable us to meet their specific needs and foster an enriching community living experience. 

Trust building is also an essential aspect, ensuring we provide the highest quality of care and support. In our heartwarming video, you'll witness residents and staff joyfully engaging in music, dancing, puzzle-solving, and more, reflecting the genuine relationships that blossom within our community. Michael White, our move-in coordinator, shares his passion for creating deep connections with residents and their families, providing a holistic understanding of their backgrounds and facilitating smooth transitions.

At Arbor Terrace Waugh Chapel, it's the power of deep connections that truly makes our community thrive. Schedule a tour today and experience it for yourself!

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