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FAQs About Memory Care Near Washington, D.C.

Memory care near Washington, D.C., can transform the uncertainty of living with dementia during retirement into something meaningful and fulfilling. Whether you’re searching for yourself or your loved one, it is normal to feel anxious, to worry whether dementia is going to destroy everything your family has worked so hard for, and even to feel angry about this diagnosis.

Dementia does not have to destroy your life. Seniors can and do lead meaningful, joyful lives, even with this awful diagnosis. But a better life begins with the right care. Here are the most frequently asked questions about memory care near Washington, D.C.

What are the benefits of memory care?

Memory care offers supportive, comprehensive care specifically targeted to the needs of people living with dementia. In addition to many of the benefits of assisted living, such as a gorgeous home and plenty of socialization, you’ll also get:

  • Daily brain-friendly activities. These activities make your life more enjoyable, but they also target the specific challenges people with dementia tend to face, such as anxiety and memory issues.
  • A consistent routine and a predictable environment. People with dementia need routine to make their world feel less overwhelming.
  • Gourmet dining tailored to your nutritional needs. You’ll get food that tastes amazing, promotes brain health, and fits in with your overall health goals. Memory care providers also know how to manage common dementia challenges such as dysphagia and food cravings.
  • A reduction in caregiver burden. Caring for a person with dementia can be demoralizing, thankless work. When you transition to dementia care, you may restore a sense of normalcy to your relationships.

How much does memory care cost?

If you’re on a fixed income, adding something else to your monthly expenses might seem like a bad idea. However, memory care can actually reduce your monthly budget, especially if you live in a home you own and opt to sell. If you're already getting in-home care, you may be surprised to learn that the costs of memory care are often lower than those of daily home health aides. Better still, you’ll get more resources, and your quality of life will likely improve. To compare the costs of senior living to those of staying at home, check out our Senior Living Cost Calculator.

Doesn’t memory care mean I’m abandoning my loved one?

One of the biggest fears associated with the transition to memory care is that it means you’re abandoning your loved one. The truth is that life at home just can’t compare to what your loved one will get in memory care. They'll have daily activities, exceptional nutrition, constant socialization, and support whenever they need it. Even if you can afford to hire 24/7 in-home support, you still can’t find this level of care at home. Seniors thrive in memory care. And let’s not forget about the caregiver; reducing the burden of caregiving may feel like giving you back your relationship with your loved one.

How do I know it’s time for memory care?

Not sure whether it’s time for memory care? Here are some clues:

  • Your loved one is currently in assisted living, but they aren’t getting the help they need.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the demands of caring for your loved one.
  • It is no longer safe for your loved one to live at home.
  • Your loved one wanders, is incontinent, or seems increasingly agitated.
  • You cannot afford or provide quality in-home care.
  • Your loved one is unhappy or isolated at home.

Living with dementia can be exhausting. Don’t let finding the right care end up as just one more incomplete task on an overwhelming to-do list. Arbor would love to help you find the right community for your needs. To learn more about your options, download our free guide, Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community.

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