Aging often presents a unique set of physical and cognitive challenges, some of which can cause remaining in your current home to be difficult or even dangerous. We compiled some of the most common discussion questions to help you carefully consider if moving into assisted living in Gambrills, MD might be the right next step for you or your loved one.

Do you require increasing assistance with everyday tasks?

If daily tasks, such as dressing, bathing, toileting, cooking, or general mobility are becoming a substantial challenge, assisted living may be a wise choice. Even if you have family or friends who are typically available and happy to help you, there may be times when they are unavailable or unable to provide the level of care you need. This can also cause an unpleasant strain on relationships over time as others have their own personal responsibilities to take care of as well. 

If you continue living in your current home, will it sustain your future needs?

Although your home may meet your current needs, consider if you have limited mobility in the future. Would your home need ramps or an elevator? Similarly, would your shower have a low lip with enough room for a shower chair and stabilizing bar? These accommodations may become necessary and can quickly become expensive if you are adding them yourself. In an assisted living community, these accessibility features are built into each apartment; you would not have to worry about remodeling later on.

Do you worry that you won’t see your family or friends if you move?

Visitors are more than welcome to spend time with you in an assisted living community! Although there may be guidelines about visiting hours, you and your loved ones can still plan time to enjoy each other’s company. Additionally, now you won’t have to rely on their help with tasks and maintenance when they come over; instead, you can simply have fun and make memories together.

There will also be dozens of other residents who are potential friends that live close by and engage in the same activities, events, outings, and dining options that you do. This eliminates the barrier of transportation and the hassle of complicated planning! Take a look at some of our most recent activities on our blog. 

Are there hidden costs if you move to an assisted living community?

Although we cannot predict every potential expense, no, there should not be any “hidden” costs. A trustworthy senior living community will be transparent about all current and potential future costs if your needs change. This allows you to financially plan your future with confidence.

On the contrary, you are quite likely to experience unexpected costs by remaining at home. General house and yard maintenance, appliance replacement, car upkeep, and increased property tax are a few common expenses that can be an unpleasant surprise for those choosing to age in place. Try our interactive cost calculator to explore your estimated expense at both an Arbor assisted living community and at home.

We hope this article provides some helpful insight and clarity. If you are still curious about moving to an assisted living community, download our free Complete Guide to Assisted Living for more detailed information.

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