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It has been said that the greatness of a community can be measured by the compassion of its members. For its part, Anne Arundel County organizations of all kinds have stepped up to provide more and more resources for seniors to help them overcome new obstacles and plan for the next phase of their retirements. 

From help with financial planning and ideas for how to stay active and social to organizations that are able to help seniors who want to keep living independently find a new place to call home, there are plenty of resources both online and down the street for Anne Arundel County residents. Here are some excellent resources, including some you may already know of (but also some you may have not), all available to explore from the comfort of your own home.

The Department of Aging and Disabilities

The Anne Arundel Department of Aging and Disabilities is probably the most comprehensive resource for seniors in the area who are looking for help navigating nearly any facet of their lives. Their mission is to “improve the quality of life for older adults,” by “providing options and resources that will enable them to live independent and meaningful lives.”

This organization offers assistive technology support, facilitates a taxi voucher program, and offers a range of programs and workshops for families and seniors. Visit the Department of Aging and Disabilities regularly online or in person to learn about upcoming events, browse their resources, or speak to a counselor for help with a specific need.

The Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks System

There is far more to the Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks system than just ballfields and youth sports. In fact, the system offers a wide range of programs and services that are tailored specifically to seniors, including support groups, educational programs, health and fitness classes, and opportunities to get involved in the community.  Even better, many of these programs are great for families to participate in together. 

For a full listing of all the Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks services and programs, visit this website or your local community center. 

The County Public Library System

Your local Anne Arundel County Public Library system provides far more than just books and literature about senior issues. In fact, each library can connect seniors and their loved ones to a wealth of programs, resources, and services, as well as lectures, educational programs, volunteering, and social events focused on a range of senior-specific topics such as healthcare and caregiving. 

The best part of all of these available programs and services is that many of these programs are free and hosted in a community location just around the corner from your home. Take a moment to review the library’s main website, or stop in to your branch and see which resources appeal to you.

Senior Activity Centers

Anne Arundel County offers seven senior centers throughout its jurisdiction, all of which provide recreational, educational, and professional services and resources for residents 55 or years older. For example, participants can take part in health screenings, join in on daily noontime meals, or meet with experts who can provide information about community resources.

Each center also offers another way to tap into the Maryland Access Point system, which provides confidential “one-stop shopping” to older adults and caregivers in the state who are looking for information, programs, and assistance specialists. Click here to find the Senior Activity Center that’s closest to you.

Your Local Senior Living Community

Finally, another great place to find excellent programs, trained professionals, and resources is in a nearby senior living community. The right senior living community can provide a safe, fun, and rewarding opportunity for you or your loved one to experience a wide range of activities and have their unique needs met. Incredible communities such as Arbor Terrace’s Waugh Chapel location have been serving seniors for more than three decades, and we would love to show you one of them. Learn more about Arbor Terrace Waugh Chapel here!

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