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Hearing that your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia can be startling. As the questions around what this means for your family, your loved one, and what the next chapter of your life looks like begin to circulate, it can be difficult to determine where to go next for answers and support.

Fortunately, for many families today, a diagnosis of dementia usually comes earlier than it used to, meaning that your family has more time and options to consider to meet the unique needs of your situation. Similarly, there are also many resources online and in our local community to turn to for help, such as the Alzheimer’s Association website and your local health or aging services department. However, even with this support, it can still be difficult to make a decision.

This is why Arbor Terrace has developed a fresh new perspective on what it means to support seniors with memory care needs, offering a community and a host of programs that we believe make our community truly unique. Here are just a few of the reasons why we believe our dedication to meeting the challenges of dementia stands out.

The Bridges Neighborhood

Transitions can be difficult for people of all ages, but for seniors in the early stages of memory loss or dementia, a transition to a new home and community can be especially difficult. This is why Arbor Terrace created Bridges, a unique neighborhood for seniors with early stage dementia and memory loss, designed to offer a high-sensory, purposefully engaging environment that offers the right blend of support and independence to enjoy hobbies and activities. Residents in the Bridges neighborhood are surrounded by peers who are living through similar stages of memory loss, which can help to spur new friendships and levels of support.

At the same time, residents enjoy the help of dedicated, experienced staff that make sure each individual’s experience and treatment is tailored to their specific needs, always with an eye on security and structure. Every team member — from the executive director to the part-time housekeeper — is trained in cognitive care so that everyone has the tools they need to connect with our residents. 

Fostering Engagement

In an effort to go above and beyond for each resident, the team at Arbor Terrace is constantly learning and integrating the latest advancements in our understanding of dementia into the experiences that are available to the residents in our community. In addition to the Bridges neighborhood, Arbor Terrace fosters an environment of engagement, social connections, and growth through a diverse calendar of activities and health and wellness programs. 

Our programs include art and education programs that stimulate the mind and encourage exploration, wellness programs that encourage movement and mental stimulation, opportunities for community involvement, and plenty of recreation and leisure. In other words, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to our residents; we focus on meeting individual needs with a diversity of choice.

A Holistic Family Approach

Arbor Terrace was founded more than 30 years ago to provide a person-centered level of  care for all of our residents. Of course, this extends to the role that families play in their loved one’s journey. With this in mind, the Arbor Terrace team is dedicated to keeping families engaged and involved with their loved one’s experience and memory care program. 

In addition to offering opportunities to participate in our programs, enjoy our dining experience, and connect regularly with loved ones, we are also committed to educating families on dementia and connecting them with the resources they need to have successful visits with their loved ones.  

We know that the process of finding the right type of memory care for your loved one can be difficult, but we believe that our approach is exceptional precisely because it is so personal. We take pride in providing exceptional care for our residents and their families and are confident that our foundation of compassion, dedicated staff, unique programs, and family engagement will be the right fit for your loved one and your family. After all, we believe that Arbor Terrace is more than just a place to live; it’s home.

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