My mother has been a resident for over three years, but it wasn't until your arrival that she truly began enjoying her experiences and felt that there was someone in management who took the time to REALLY listen and care for her wants and needs.

Larry, Family Member

I want you to know that in my opinion you are the best executive director we have had since [I moved in]. The changes you have made here are all positive and in my opinion have enhanced our home. I've actually seen you painting, hanging curtains and doing many other chores that many others who are in your position would consider beneath their position. Besides always being pleasant with a smile on your face, you are always available to the residents and ready to help them with any problems they may have. You are our director, but also a friend to many of us. Most of us have great hopes for the new management. We are very pleased that they are not planning to change the staff, all of whom I find pleasant and hard working. I am especially happy that you will continue to be our executive director.

Sylvia, Resident

During [Liz's] four year tenure you have been and continue to be warm, caring, congenial and always available. Overall the staff under your personal direction has made our life comfortable, homey, secure and pleasurable.

Herb, Resident

Arbor Terrace staff are always approachable and friendly. They always take the time to help out in whatever way they can. Each time I enter the community I am so grateful to have such a caring place for mom to live.

Family Member

Thank you again for your support and assistance with both parents. We have a huge burden off our shoulders and cannot thank you enough.