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Downsizing Is Easy at Arbor Terrace Teaneck!

Moving can be an incredibly overwhelming process, especially when you have lived in your current home for decades. From sentimental keepsakes and books to furniture and kitchen utensils, it can be difficult to decide what treasures to bring with you and which to give away or sell when moving into a Teaneck, NJ senior living community.

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Independent living Top Advantages of Moving into a Teaneck, NJ Independent Living Community vs Staying At Home

Many seniors are faced with the decision of remaining at home or moving to a senior living community at some point. Whether you are in the middle of making this choice or simply planning for the future, here are several key benefits of moving into a Teaneck, NJ independent living community to consider.

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Independent living Key Questions to Ask Staff When Visiting an Independent Living Community in Teaneck, NJ

Teaneck, NJ is a vibrant and diverse community that offers an array of attractions and amenities for seniors seeking independent living options. With its rich cultural heritage, beautiful parks, and convenient access to New York City, Teaneck is a wonderful place to call home. If you're considering an independent living community in Teaneck, it's essential to gather all the necessary information during your visit. In this blog post, we will discuss the key questions to ask the staff when exploring an independent living community in Teaneck, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

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FlexCare: Empowering Aging in Place at Arbor Terrace Teaneck

We’re proud to offer the exceptional, customized care provided by FlexCare! Discover the power of their supportive network— from on-site wellness checks to personalized care—that encourages independence and supports our residents’ wellbeing. Our executive director passionately discusses the guiding principle behind FlexCare providing a network of comprehensive support, from on-site wellness checks to visiting doctors, ensuring custom care on an individual basis.

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The Dining Experience at Arbor Terrace Teaneck

Dining at Arbor Terrace Teaneck isn’t just about eating the most delicious foods. It is about savoring the entire experience. Dining at Arbor Terrace Teaneck means having an amazing time surrounded by wonderful people. It means catching up with your friends and neighbors, making new friends, and creating meaningful connections around the table. It’s about sharing stories and heartfelt laughs together. It is about creating beautiful friendships and memories.

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Resident Spotlight Resident Spotlights at Arbor Terrace Teaneck

Get to know some of the amazing people living at Arbor Terrace Teaneck! The stories featured in our resident spotlights are as diverse as the residents themselves. From where they come from to their careers before retirement, each story is a testament to the rich and varied lives of the residents at Arbor Terrace Teaneck.

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Personal Care Introducing Flexcare: Home Care Services from TheKey

Most seniors prefer to remain independent for as long as possible. But many require assistance, either temporarily after an illness or surgery, or on an ongoing basis. Arbor Terrace Teaneck is excited to announce a new partnership with TheKey that offers residents the care they need with Flexcare. Flexcare offers Arbor Terrace residents a full menu of services provided by compassionate caregivers, available 24/7, for an additional fee. This partnership allows residents and their families to have the peace of mind knowing that while they currently enjoy an active, independent lifestyle, they will have access to additional services if and when their needs ever change. To begin using Flexcare services, residents will work with TheKey staff to design a unique plan of care to fit their needs. These flexible plans can be as little as 30 minutes throughout the day. Services include: DAILY ACTIVITIES Companionship Cognitive Engagement Personal Care and Hygiene Medication Reminders Transportation and Errands Activities and Social Connection Light Housekeeping Meal Prep and Nutrition HOME CARE Companionship Help At Home Respite Care 24/7 Care MEMORY CARE Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) Alzheimer’s Disease Vascular Dementia Lewy Body Dementia Frontotemporal Dementia Parkinson’s Disease Dementia SPECIALIZED CARE Parkinson’s Disease Heart Health After A Stroke Cancer End-Of-Life Care Hospital To Home Care plans arranged with TheKey are offered at an additional charge. Payment arrangements are made directly with TheKey, which accepts, bills and collects from most insurance companies. To learn more about Flexcare, call (201) 890-7533 or schedule an appointment with us at Arbor Terrace.

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Community News Resident Eva Barron Inspires Community Through Creative Writing Class

As we grow older, we can easily become consumed by the ordinary tasks of our day-to-day routine, causing us to feel detached from the environment we live in. However, there's hope with Eva Barron, a remarkable 96-year-old member of the Arbor Terrace community in Teaneck, who has initiated a creative writing course for seniors. It is said to be the "most thought-provoking activity" in the community.

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Community News In their own words: The Benefits of Moving to Arbor Terrace Teaneck

The decision to move into a senior living community is not always an easy one to make. Sometimes the decision has to be made on behalf of your loved one for their own safety. However, what may begin with hesitation can end up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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Community News Ace's Pet Party at Arbor Terrace Teaneck

We love to celebrate all members of our community, including our furry friends! Recently, we hosted a special pet party at Arbor Terrace senior living community, where Ace, our service dog, along with other resident and staff dogs, stole the show. From heartwarming stories to playful moments, this event was full of pawsitive energy. At Arbor Terrace Teaneck, we believe in creating a lifestyle that prioritizes friendship, connection, and peace of mind. Come discover the retirement you've always wanted and join our community today.

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