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Dementia Care at Arbor Terrace Exton

Accepting the news that you or a loved one has dementia can be extremely difficult. And to make matters even more overwhelming, you now have to make some hard decisions about what kind of care is going to be best for your situation.

Fortunately for residents of Exton, there are a variety of high-quality options for those in need of dementia care. Dementia care facilities enable those with dementia to live full lives without risking their health and safety. Here are a few ways that dementia care communities like Arbor Terrace Exton improve the daily lives of those living with dementia.

How Does Memory Care Support Those with Dementia?

Memory care communities are designed specifically for the needs of those living with dementia. From corridors without dead ends to prevent frustration to sensory elements that can help spark memories, every detail of a community has the potential to make life easier for residents who are suffering from dementia. Here are a few elements that every memory care community should incorporate:  

  • Dementia-friendly community design — Thoughtful design will allow residents to wander safely without getting lost. There should be outdoor areas and common spaces with plenty of natural light and sensory elements that help residents remember where they are. Avoid dead ends and make sure the floor doesn’t have any potential trip hazards.
  • Individual care plans — Every dementia care resident is unique and every detail of a memory care plan should be tailored to each individual.
  • Medication management — To ensure that residents are taking vital medications, staff should provide medication administration for each resident.
  • Engaging activities — Engaging the body and mind is crucial for wellness at all stages of life, but it’s especially important for those with dementia because it can help prevent further mental decline.  
  • Dementia support and resources — Memory care facilities are always keeping up with the latest science and innovations related to Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, so they can provide all the most up-to-date resources for residents.
  • Specially trained caregivers — Every memory care team member should receive cognitive care training to ensure that residents receive proper care.

Communities like the Evergreen memory care neighborhood at Arbor Terrace Exton incorporate all of these features, along with the best elements of their personal care communities, such as gourmet, restaurant-style dining, a full events and activities calendar, and premium living spaces.  

What Are Some of the Benefits of Dementia Care as Provided by a Senior Living Community?

Dementia care provided by a senior living community is often the best option for someone with dementia because it allows the highest possible quality of life while ensuring safety and peace of mind. Residents are typically integrated into a supportive community where they can continue practicing hobbies and engaging in social activities, all while reducing symptoms such as aggression, anger, wandering, and depression.

Because of the progressive nature of dementia, if your loved one’s health declines further, most dementia care facilities will be able to easily adjust the level of care provided. Communities that offer that range of care are often preferable to a sudden shift from in-home care to full-time dementia care, which can be especially disorienting for someone with dementia.

How Do I Choose the Right Care for Myself or a Loved One?

Not all dementia care options are created equal, and the best choice will depend on a number of factors. You should first evaluate the severity of the dementia and the level of monitoring required. For those with mild dementia, an in-home caregiver who can assist with daily activities such as taking regular medications may be sufficient. 

For more advanced cases, the best option will likely be a senior living community that offers dementia care, which can provide consistent monitoring and access to care providers who are well versed in caring for residents who have dementia. The best way to figure out the best option for you or a loved one is by visiting a few different communities and asking plenty of questions.

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