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Did you know that there are senior living communities designed specifically for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia? These memory care communities have carefully crafted every aspect of daily life for their residents, from peaceful dining experiences to meaningful social activities. Learning about the topics most important for those with dementia will help you choose the memory care community in Exton, PA, that is right for you or your loved one.  


For seniors living with dementia, everyday life can be dangerous and often isolating. When choosing the right memory care community, you will want to be sure they prioritize safety above all. The best memory care communities provide opportunities for social time and activities that are monitored to reduce the risk of accidents. At the top of your list should be a community with attentive monitoring that provides a safe, secure, nurturing environment.

Nutritional Assistance

Meals and eating can become challenging for many seniors, and this is especially true for those experiencing dementia. Look for communities with staff who can assist residents in a way that allows them to maintain their independence and dignity while providing meaningful dining experiences. A variety of delicious meals tailored to meet these health conditions should be offered.

Active Engagement

Meaningful participation is essential in a memory care community. Socialization and enrichment help those with dementia to be more stimulated, thus lowering their desire to wander. Wellness-focused exercise programs, sensory group activities, and even trips into the community are all great ways for these seniors to stay involved with daily life. Choosing a community that keeps the residents engaged while being supportive and gentle will ensure feelings of safety and comfort.

Community Design

Floor plans, outdoor space, the building layout, and even the doors in a memory care community should be designed with the residents in mind to create a productive and safe place to call home. The community should be purposefully designed to foster comfort and convenience due to the unique needs of the residents. To find out if the community is right for you, ask about what makes them dementia-friendly and look at the space when you are on tour.  

Individual Attention

There is no one size fits all approach to aging and healthcare needs, and seniors living with Alzheimer’s or dementia require thoughtful attention to individual details to promote a peaceful environment. From medication management to personal care plans, every resident in a memory care community should receive individualized support and resources from team members trained in cognitive care.  

Keep these important topics in mind to create a list of questions to ask when touring a memory care community. You can find the perfect memory care community in Exton, PA that knows the value of safety, comfort, and connection.


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