When it comes time to help a loved one transition into a memory care community, there are a few key factors to consider. While juggling everything from finding the right senior living community to communicating the transition to your loved one, we understand that it can feel overwhelming. But with the right guidance, you can smoothly help your loved one adjust to an Exton, PA memory care community where experienced, compassionate staff and peaceful surroundings await.

Learn More About Memory Care

You may be wondering: What exactly is memory care? This is often the starting point for making the transition into a personal care community with a loved one and helping them adjust. A memory care community is much more than simply a building for someone to reside – the right one will be safe, peaceful, engaging, and have programs that support the mind, body, and spirit. These types of communities are designed for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. And first and foremost, the community should be a place that treats and cares for all residents with dignity and respect. From the dining environment to the exercise programs, memory care communities are meant to empower residents to be engaged in all aspects of life. 

Prepare for the Transition

Once you have a solid understanding of what exactly a memory care community in Exton is all about, it’s time to prepare for your loved one’s move into the community. It starts with open and honest conversation. If possible, involve your loved one in the decision-making process by including them in tours and conversations with staff. Allow your loved one to see the engagement programs, exercise activities, dining setup, and more before making the actual move. These conversations may feel emotionally charged and overwhelming, so it’s important to take a breath and take your time. To begin, reference our Talking to Your Parent About Senior Care & Living guide for helpful tips. 

Create a Familiar Environment

With any life change or adjustment, it’s helpful to create a familiar environment. This will help put your loved one at ease and affirm that a new home can be a positive experience. Among the many tips for transitioning to a personal care community in Exton, bringing familiar items and decor is a must. Think about what photographs and mementos would make your loved one feel comfortable. Is there a particular framed picture by the bedside at home? Be sure to bring that to the memory care community to decorate the room as cozy and inviting as possible. Also, maybe there are certain hobbies that your loved one enjoys currently. Don’t forget to ask about implementing those same hobbies from the get-go at their new residence. This could be listening to music, going to church, painting, gardening, and more.

Build Relationships With the Community Team

When helping your loved one adjust to an Exton, PA senior living community, and particularly memory care, it’s beneficial to build relationships with the staff and care team. First, help your loved one get acquainted with the team to give peace of mind, comfort, and support. Also, it's a great idea for you to become comfortable with the staff members. This will help with all future communication, whether you’re just stopping by to check in or you need to discuss a concern about your loved one’s wellness. One way to cultivate these relationships is by attending community events before even transitioning your loved one into the community. Visit, chat with staff, meet other residents and their family members, and enjoy the lifestyle all before making it your loved ones new home.

Helping a loved one transition to memory care, or a personal care community of any kind, can feel like an uphill climb, but our team at Arbor Terrace Exton is here to help you every step of the way. As you start the journey of finding the right memory care community, our free guide, Talking to Your Parents About Senior Care & Living, will be a helpful tool as you take the first step.

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