On this episode of The Golden Gang, we start with an engaging conversation with Jen Lisowski, Director of Lay Services at Hopewell United Methodist Church. Jen’s story will inspire you as she recalls her ministry in South Africa, and how faith has guided her path to service. She also speaks on the strong partnership the church has had with Arbor Terrace and the great ways they’ve been able to serve the Exton community together.

For the Senior Moment, we meet a new resident to Arbor Terrace–Ellie (and her pooch, Mr. Shabba)! During Ellie’s interview, we learn about her over 40 years serving the people of Chester County as a paralegal and translator. Ellie has rich stories to share about her life in Panama before moving to the United States, and being the first Arbor Terrace resident to list hip hop music among their list of favorites!

A truly international and interesting episode, you can listen to The Golden Gang now by clicking below.


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