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Our staff members and residents have the best time together. They laugh, share stories, get to know each other and their backgrounds, and do so many fun activities and games in our community together. 

Hear from some of our treasured staff members what they enjoy the most about working here, and how their days with our residents unfold.
Aly, who is one of our Engagement Associates, is full of joy when she’s hanging out with the residents. “We laugh every single day. They're part of my family.” Hear her get candid about the special bond she shares with residents, and what working here means to her.

Deshaun, who is a passionate member of our dining team, knows that daily life has ups and downs for everyone. You might just have a bad day for no reason sometimes. And he explains how he likes to make our residents feel good and bring joy into their day. Watch as he reveals how he creates that warm, loving feeling for everyone, that “homely environment.”

Do you want to experience our cheerful, vibrant senior living community first-hand? Give us a call at 484-249-2055, or schedule your personalized tour. 

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Through a commitment to developing an outstanding and tenured staff, The Arbor Company maintains a progressive clinical and competitive edge that embraces both resident and family needs.

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