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Everyone has a unique equation that makes up a positive quality of life. Factors such as socialization, physical health, and ability to do what makes you happy are all components of the equation. It’s common for some older adults everywhere to experience a change in our contentment with life as we age due to changes in health and social isolation.

Residents of an assisted living community in Greenville, SC enjoy numerous benefits that have a significant impact on their quality of life, no matter what their goals and values are.  Here, we’ll share seven of the most common ways that moving into an assisted living community improves quality of life in older adults. 

Increased Socialization

Socialization is shown to reduce the risk of mental illness and some physical illnesses, offering improved overall quality of life. However many older adults find themselves with fewer social opportunities after retirement. One of the benefits of an assisted living community is the aspect of having access to 24/7 care. Residents are always surrounded by fellow residents and team members within the community, while also having the opportunity to enjoy alone time in their own apartments if they choose. Since everyone has a different social battery, having the option to engage while also having some alone time is key. 

Nutritious Meals

Assisted living communities offer restaurant-style dining with well-rounded, nutritious meals. Living at home independently can make it difficult to consistently prepare healthy meals. Aarbor's award-winning dining program helps to ensure dietary restrictions and preferences are accommodated while never sacrificing flavor. Take the stress out of meal planning with robust menus that can be enjoyed among friends and visiting family members. 

Access to Transportation

Retirement from driving a vehicle creates a big shift in the lives of older adults - it has the potential to limit access to hobbies, errands, loved ones, and medical services. While Greenville does offer some public transportation, some older adults may prefer transportation offered at an assisted living community. Residents can work with concierge team members to schedule rides to local medical appointments and join group excursions to local sights, like the Greenville Zoo. 

Sense of Community

Belonging and building relationships are key components of quality of life for many. A top assisted living community offers closeness to others in similar stages of life who may share interests and values. Residents can connect with others through their commonalities, as well as enjoy opportunities to learn new things and share stories with one another. 

Safety & Security

Assisted living communities offer comprehensive safety and security to their residents, without sacrificing privacy and dignity. Having compassionate caregivers to notice if there’s been a fall or a change in health can be a huge preventative factor in further illness or cognitive decline. One of the most desired services an assisted living community can provide is the peace of mind that residents are safe and always cared for. Adequate safety measures and protocols  help to ensure a high quality of life is maintained. 

Activities & Engagement Opportunities

Assisted living communities typically offer robust activities and engagement opportunities to their residents. From fitness classes to help stay physically fit, to parties, to word puzzles that help older adults stay cognitively stimulated, there’s something for everyone. No matter your interests, residents are sure to find something fun and entertaining everyday that elevates their quality of life. 

Increased Security in the Future

Assisted living communities can decrease some of the stress that goes into planning for the future, allowing residents and their loved ones to focus on and enjoy the present. Assisted living communities in Greenville, SC have a team of nurses that will continuously reassess care plans and needs to ensure your needs are addressed as they change and, in addition, will help guide you through future decisions. 

Assisted living communities have an abundance of benefits that touch on various aspects of our lives as we age. Through the strong support system provided within a community, residents can relax, and live a high quality of life at any age.

If your loved one could benefit from any of these lifestyle upgrades, download our Complete Guide to Assisted Living to learn more. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the services provided, understanding financial options, finding a community that is the right fit for your needs, and making the transition with ease. With the help of experienced and empathetic experts, you can feel confident in the next step of your care journey.

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