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16 Resources for Dementia Caregivers in Fort Worth

Every caregiver wants to offer the best possible care to their loved one with dementia. Indeed, most caregivers step into the role because they are confident that the loving support of a family member is superior to any other type of care. What many caregivers may not realize at first is how taxing caregiving can be. Dementia is a progressive disease, and as your loved one’s symptoms get worse, they may no longer recognize you. Some types of dementia can even change behavior, causing your loved one to be aggressive or hostile.

This can be too much for even the most loving caregivers. Many caregivers develop symptoms of depression. Others feel isolated and alone, or judged by family members who do not understand the challenges inherent to caregiving. And for some, the progressively intensifying demands of caregiving make self-care impossible, holding down a job difficult, and other family duties exhausting.

Help is available. Here are some excellent options in Fort Worth, Texas, whether you want support online, in person, or in the comfort of your own home.

Support Groups

There’s no substitute for the compassionate support of people who have been there. Support groups can connect you to the best doctors, offer insights on practical management, and lend an ear when you need it most. Check out these options:


Learning all you can about dementia can help you regain a sense of control and perspective. The Alzheimer’s Association of North Central Texas offers several dementia symposia throughout the year.

Alzheimer’s Texas offers a number of educational events and fundraisers each year, including several family workshops.

The Alzheimer’s Association sponsors a wide range of national and local events that can connect you to other caregivers and offer the profound reassurance that you are not alone.

In-Home Help

In-home care allows your loved one to age in place while affording you the break you need to practice self-care. offers a comprehensive listing of in-home care options. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services provides support for caregivers looking for in-home care options, as well as guides to managing various aging-related challenges.

Mental Health Care

Caregiving can exact a heavy toll on your mental health. Therapy can help. Your therapist can offer support, help you identify coping strategies, and even work with your family to navigate caregiving disagreements. Psychology Today and both offer therapist search engines.

Online Support

Alzheimer’s Texas offers a wide range of support options with the click of a mouse. Connect to legal information, classes, a caregiver support blog, and even a caregiver support hotline.

The Alzheimer’s Association offers a comprehensive caregiver support forum. There’s also a support group for people living with dementia.

Dementia Care Central can help you find support groups for virtually every situation and every type of dementia.  Explore your options.

Senior Living Communities

No caregiver can do it all on their own. The right senior living community can offer you a break and your loved one a chance at a better life. Senior living communities boast a wide range of activities, plenty of chances to socialize, exceptional meals, and more. Your loved one can access everything they need in one supportive environment while meeting new friends and trying out new hobbies.

Arbor has proudly served seniors for three decades. We’d love to talk to you about your options. Let us show you one of our incredible communities. To learn more about dementia and caregiving, download our free dementia guide.

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