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At The Vantage at Cityview, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care in Fort Worth, TX, senior living. For our staff, caring for our residents is more than just a job, it is a calling!
Our assisted living community has many fresh faces, helping to invigorate the atmosphere and encourage new ways of providing the best experience for our residents. But we also have many veteran staff members who have been with us for many years and have become a beloved part of the community.

Here are some of the things that make The Vantage at Cityview stand out for our staff and residents.

What It’s Like at The Vantage at Cityview

This year, The Vantage at Cityview was recognized as a best assisted living community by the U.S. News and World Report. This was a huge honor since the decision was made after extensive feedback from residents and loved ones who reviewed 4,000 senior living communities.

The Vantage at Cityview stood out for several reasons, including its dedicated memory care and independent living programs. Not only are we dedicated to providing the best environment for our residents, we also want to create a family of like-minded individuals throughout our staff.


One of our main goals is to create a welcoming community for all who walk through our doors.. This includes providing our residents with different care options, whether they need daily assistance or require dementia care.

Plenty of our amenities are also provided to create a more inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Our staff are a vital part of this community, helping residents to feel included and cared for. 

The Vantage at Cityview provides many enriching activities that can also help residents feel like a greater part of the community. This includes providing health and wellness, art and education, and spiritual journey amenities.


Our staff share our values and the goals that we have for our assisted living communities. These goals include creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, helping residents feel at home.

This includes providing residents with accommodations that will make their lives more enriched with things like pet-friendly accommodations and inclusive activities and events. Our team plays an important role in these values, helping our residents to feel that there is always a helping hand if they need it.

Individualized care is the backbone of our assisted living values since everyone has different needs. Personalizing each resident's care ensures everyone gets the care that they need and feels like a valued part of The Vantage at Cityview community. This includes personalized care that allows our staff to adapt to each resident's ever-evolving needs.


The lifestyle at The Vantage at Cityview is all about inclusivity, comfort, and hospitality. Our staff members are dedicated to improving this lifestyle experience, helping residents feel that they are at home.

Part of the experience residents get is a senior-friendly design that is still beautiful and modern. Not only does this create a more pleasant atmosphere to live in, but it enriches everyone’s experience and encourages residents to get out and socialize.

We only hire the most passionate team members who view this as more than just a job. They are available to lend a helping hand, clarify details with family members, or simply sit down to talk with one of our residents.


Cultivating a community is incredibly important, just like cultivating meaningful relationships. Building relationships is something that we are passionate about, as all our team members are encouraged to get to know each individual resident.

These deeper connections allow our team to better understand what each resident needs and how we can provide the best care. This is also beneficial for family members who may have questions or want updates about how their loved one is doing. Fostering these connections also helps the residents at The Vantage at Cityview feel like they can communicate about what they need.

We understand that the search for a Fort Worth, TX, senior living community can feel overwhelming and exhausting. There are so many options and so many details to consider before making this important decision. We hope that our thriving community and team of passionate individuals will help to put your mind at ease.

Are you interested in being part of our caring and inclusive senior living community? If so, give us a call at 817-985-4487 or schedule a personalized tour online now.

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Through a commitment to developing an outstanding and tenured staff, The Arbor Company maintains a progressive clinical and competitive edge that embraces both resident and family needs.

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