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Luxury Senior Living in Fort Worth, Texas: What Makes a Retirement Community Great?

When you were planning your retirement, diligently squirreling away money, you probably had big dreams for the future. Now that the moment is finally here, you deserve to live out a retirement that suits your personality and needs. Of course, like many dreams, sometimes the reality of retirement fails to live up to the hype. The challenges of homeownership, the reality of ongoing health issues, isolation at home, and concerns from your family about your caregiving needs can all shift your focus. Luxury senior living in Fort Worth, Texas, puts your needs first, ensuring you can pursue the retirement you deserve on your own terms. Make new friends and enjoy new activities, without all the planning and stress. Here’s how to explore your options.

What Does Luxury Senior Living Offer?

Luxury senior living in Fort Worth offers all of the benefits of a luxury apartment or condo, but with an all-inclusive price tag that ensures access to high-quality food, entertainment, and support. Enjoy special holiday activities, celebrations, and plenty of family-friendly events. Welcome your loved ones to your gorgeous home with housekeeping included. Stop worrying about safety, thanks to ready access to help when you want it — and privacy when you don’t. This one-stop approach to senior living ensures everything you need is all in one place. Luxury senior living includes fine gourmet dining, special community events such as dances and concerts, and regular educational and social activities such as yoga classes, discussion groups, and book clubs.

As in real estate, location matters when it comes to luxury senior living. Fort Worth is one of the best places in the nation to retire to, with legendary sports teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, an active arts and music scene, and hundreds of the best parks and nature walks in the country.

As you begin your search, ask whether the community offers transportation to local attractions and shopping centers. Regular outings, such as a community outing to the Kimbell Art Museum or Fort Worth Zoo, can also be major selling points. Spend some time thinking about the activities that are most important to you and then choose a senior living community that prioritizes these activities.

Can I Afford Luxury Senior Living?

Luxury senior living is more affordable than you might think. Because it offers everything you need under one roof, you’ll save money on transportation, entertainment, and other expenses. In fact, some people find that senior living communities are more affordable than living at home, especially when you factor in the specter of home repairs and maintenance.

Medicaid pays for some senior living communities. Employee benefits plans, veterans benefits, long-term care insurance, and similar programs may also fund all or a portion of the program’s expenses. Even if you’re on a small fixed income, luxury senior living in Fort Worth allows you to say goodbye to your mortgage payment. If you sell your home, it can become a major source of retirement funding. 

For help calculating your potential costs and assessing whether you might save money on senior living, check out Arbor’s senior living cost calculator.

What Is Luxury Assisted Living Like?

About half of all seniors need help with at least one activity of daily living. A 2014 study found that most seniors get that assistance from a loved one. But luxury senior living offers a viable alternative. Assisted living provides support and assistance with activities such as cooking, bathing, and taking medication in a homey setting that preserves your independence. You’ll get healthy gourmet meals, a home that reduces fall risk, and easy access to support 24/7.

For some seniors, this support can even prolong independence and support good health by reducing fall risk, eliminating loneliness and isolation, and supporting seniors’ efforts to take medications on time and at the right dosage. Seniors in luxury assisted living in Fort Worth remain active and engaged members of their communities, going on community trips and outings to can’t-miss destinations such as the Fort Worth Stockyards.

What Amenities Should I Expect?

Every senior living community is different, so finding the right community requires that you consider your own needs and goals. A great community isn’t enough; you want a community that’s great for you. Some amenities to explore include:

  • Fine dining. Upscale dining options can affect your long-term happiness and health. Today’s senior living communities offer a wide variety of mouthwatering and healthy meals.
  • A gorgeous living space. Your apartment or condo should be comfortable, cozy, and beautiful. You’ll also have access to an enticing lobby and lush landscaping without all the work.
  • Numerous amenities. Each senior living community boasts its own list of amenities — from a beautiful library to an Olympic-size pool.
  • Supportive staff. Quality communities have committed team members who get to know you, your family, and your needs.
  • Access to the wider community. Luxury senior living offers everything you need all in one place, but that doesn’t mean you never leave. The best communities offer a range of transportation options when you need them, as well as fun activities at local attractions.
  • Help for your family. No person is an island. You’re part of a connected network of family and friends. Your children or other loved ones may be living with caregiver stress or burnout. The right community offers support for them and includes them in all community activities.

The Vantage at Cityview offers luxury senior living in Fort Worth, including independent living, assisted living, and dementia care. Our continuum of care ensures you can always get the support you need in a community that truly feels like home. We would love to meet you and talk to you about your options. As experts in senior living for more than 30 years, we believe that all seniors deserve a great home. No matter what you need, we can help you manage the transition to senior living.

This blog was updated December 2020.

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