Bring The Cheer with Christmas Crafts For Seniors

There’s nothing like the holiday season to inspire a bit of creativity. This year especially, many family members are looking for ideas about how to safely connect with senior loved ones. One way to share an experience, whether in person or over a video call, is to work on an arts and crafts project together. We’ve taken the time to compile some of our favorite Christmas crafts for seniors that can be enjoyed by anyone in the family.

Benefits of Creativity

Fashioning a holiday wreath from scratch or painting an ornament isn’t just about the finished product. It’s about the process. Getting crafty can bring moments of creativity to older adults, which can lead to increased feelings of well-being and decreased depression. Completing a craft or trying out a new skill can also be quite empowering for adults of any age.

Beyond the emotional health effects of creativity, working on a craft is also excellent for physical health. Older adults get the opportunity to improve fine motor skills as well as cognitive function. Simply put, it’s not about how pretty or professional the homemade wreath looks; it’s about the benefits the process provides.

Easy and Festive Ornaments

One of our favorite Christmas crafts for seniors is ornaments because there are so many variations that can meet all abilities and styles. Start with clear ornaments and try this craft that involves slicing strips of festive stationery or wrapping paper to curl up and put inside them. Better yet, use the same concept but have your older loved one write on the strips of paper; they can write about things they are thankful for, good memories from the year, or favorite traits of people in their family. These can quickly turn into family heirlooms that you enjoy reading every year.

Colorful and Joyful Wreaths

Add plenty of sparkle and color to the front door or hallway by making a homemade ornament wreath. These wreaths are trendy and are sure to be a conversation starter. Even better, though, is how easy they are to make. A quick trip to the craft store for ornaments, ribbon, hot glue, and a foam wreath form will get you started. The finished result is a showstopper and you can hang it anywhere you want to add some holiday pizzazz.

Hot Cocoa Jars

Send a warm hug by making these hot cocoa mixes to neighbors, family, and friends. This food craft won’t take you longer than an afternoon, and the results are delicious and cute. Tie a ribbon around your Mason jars and add a homemade card to let the recipient know they are loved.

Cozy Homemade Blankets

The winter season is the perfect time to cuddle up under a cozy blanket, and making your own is not as difficult as you might think. For crafters who know their way around a sewing machine, add some trim to make fleece fabric more personalized. Crafters who don’t know how to sew can still make beautiful two-sided blankets.

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Wrapping gifts in homemade wrapping paper can make the gift so much sweeter. Customizing your wrapping paper is easy for every skill level, and you can experiment with new approaches every time. Whether you transform thumbprints into a festive holiday light strand using paint or write lyrics from your favorite Christmas carol with a paint pen, your gifts will look beautiful and even more special.

If you or your loved one is feeling lonely at home this year, now is the perfect time to consider senior living. Arbor communities across the country are providing holiday craft workshops and events for residents to enjoy, along with other favorite activities. Learn more about the holidays and senior living by downloading our free resource, “Home for the Holidays.”

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