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When it comes to choosing the right assisted living community in Fort Worth, TX, there are a lot of different elements to consider. But, undoubtedly, one of the most valued things by both residents and their families, is the food that is served in the community. Because what we eat, and how we eat, is about more than just fueling our bodies with necessary nutrition. We are fueling our daily energy and our life. And for a lot of people, the food options where you live make a big difference for them. For some, it may even be the deciding factor of whether to move to a certain place or not.If you’re wondering what some of the key considerations are when evaluating dietary options in a Fort Worth assisted living community, read on. Whether you’re looking to make the best choice for yourself or for your loved one, we’ll describe what to look for, so you can pick a community and program that is sure to satisfy taste buds. 

Complete Nutrition 

Well-rounded nutrition is important at any age, but as we get older, providing our bodies with the proper fuel becomes even more essential. It’s paramount that the assisted living community of your choosing creates rich and customized dietary plans for its residents. Any health concerns, unique needs, or preferences should be openly discussed and addressed in the meal-planning process. For people of all ages, it’s often recommended that you eat “all the colors of the rainbow.” So, in your assisted living community’s meal plan, look for a rich and filling offering, with plenty of healthy and satisfying options. Examples of this are a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables, healthy starches and legumes, fresh seafood, fiber-rich entrees, and filling snacks. 

High-Quality Ingredients  

Where your food and the ingredients in your meal come from matters. The fresher the better. Fresh ingredients taste best and fuel your body in the most efficient way. Ask your assisted living community’s dining directors how much of residents’ daily food is locally sourced. Are they offering lots of fresh fruits and vegetables from nearby farms and producers? Do they focus on seasonal options as much as possible? Or does the community use frozen foods frequently, because it saves them money and time? The best meals are sourced carefully and regionally, and they are homemade. Community chefs will prepare them freshly on-site, with love and attention to detail.  

Restaurant-Style Dining

Dining in senior living should not just be about getting your necessary nutrition in. You should be able to enjoy the entire event around eating. That’s why the best-assisted living communities in Fort Worth provide their residents with an all-around positive and pleasant experience surrounding their mealtimes. They take care in designing open and inviting dining rooms, specifically tailored to the needs and tastes of seniors. They also provide friendly and attentive waiter service for all residents. They hire passionate, warm staff that take pride in creating innovative culinary delights. Community servers and care staff genuinely enjoy looking after, serving, and interacting with the community residents (you’ll know by the smiles on their faces!). 

An exceptional assisted living community knows the importance of the surroundings and company when it comes to enjoying mealtimes. They will place an emphasis on creating a social and stimulating experience around food for their residents. They make it easy for residents to sit together to enjoy their meals in a fun, social setting. That way, everyone can swap stories, catch up on their days, and get to know each other better. The most accommodating assisted living communities even welcome residents to invite their families and friends to join them for a meal. Because, they know, a meal tastes so much better if you enjoy the company around you.

Flexibility for Residents’ Choices

Everyone has unique tastes and preferences when it comes to the dining experience. This may include certain ingredients or garnishes someone might like to add or remove from their menus when to eat, how big of a portion they like, or the setting in which they enjoy their food. Since no two people are exactly alike, the most caring assisted living communities will offer their residents lots of flexibility when it comes to their dietary planning. Residents can request to customize their meals, the ingredients, the setting, or anything else around their dining experience.

Maybe your loved one would like to sit with a new neighbor one day? Or maybe they’d like to invite a new resident to their group of friends in the community? Or perhaps they feel like a quick lunch in their apartment before heading out to their physical therapy class? A great senior living community should cater to its residents, not ask them to adhere to any pre-written rules around their dining events. 

In summary, food options and the dining experience in an assisted living community should make you and your loved one feel good. It should help fuel your loved one’s body and mind, and have them savor a wholesome, wonderful experience. For every meal. 

Are you wondering how you can efficiently compare different senior living communities' food options as well as their other features? We have a handy checklist for you, where you can mark off all the items that matter to you and your family. Get our printable free list: Evaluating Senior Living Options. Download it and take it with you as you visit and chat with different senior living communities!

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