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In 2014, more than 800,000 seniors lived in senior living communities. If you’re considering a transition to senior living, Pompano Beach is a great place to retire. With dozens of senior living communities available, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and improves your quality of life.

For many seniors, senior living in Pompano Beach offers the perfect blend of luxury living and peace of mind. Yet many seniors and their loved ones have a poor understanding of what life in independent senior living is really like. Here are the questions we hear the most:

1. What are the benefits of independent senior living in Pompano Beach?

Nearly 20 percent of people in Pompano Beach are over the age of 65. With this booming senior population, you’re sure to find friends and a meaningful sense of community. Pompano Beach offers a wide variety of senior-friendly services and activities. Some day outings you might enjoy include:

Pompano Beach’s Tri-Rail system offers easy access to many local attractions. It’s also a fun attraction for train enthusiasts of all ages.

2. Is independent living better than staying at home?

You know and love your home. The familiar feels comfortable, but it’s not always the best choice. Staying at home can slowly erode your independence, especially if you have limited mobility or can’t drive. Some seniors also struggle with the challenges of home maintenance—cleaning, landscaping, and affording needed home repairs, to name a few.

Many seniors find they feel healthier and happier in independent living. They have fewer worries, fewer obligations, and more opportunities to enjoy life. Help is there if they need it, but there’s no one hovering over them.

3. Will I lose my independence?

No. Independent living is actually a great way to preserve your independence. In fact, most seniors find that they feel more independent in a senior living community than they did at home. That’s because living at home can become an increasing risk to your health and challenge to your independence, especially if you require help from loved ones.

The goal of senior living is to maximize your independence while fostering opportunities for growth, learning, and friendship. Because you’ll be happier and more active, you may actually remain healthier longer.

4. Will I feel isolated in senior living?

Bad memories of parents and grandparents in nursing homes have left many seniors concerned about feeling “shut away” in senior living. But independent living is all about fostering meaningful connections--not removing you from the community. You’ll have access to numerous activities, to new friends, and to plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding community. While many seniors feel isolated at home, most actually feel happier living in senior communities.

5. Can I afford independent living?

Most seniors, upon learning the benefits of senior living and touring a community, are eager to give it a try. Yet many worry about costs. Numerous programs and strategies—including long-term care insurance, and some military or employee benefit programs—can help you afford senior living. Selling your home can also be a significant source of funding.

The right community may even save you money. If you’re no longer paying a mortgage, funding home maintenance, and trying to keep up with the Joneses, you’ll have a lot more money. The all-inclusive cost of senior living means unexpected expenses will no longer be a part of your life. For help calculating costs, check our our cost calculation tool.

6. Why do seniors choose independent living?

For many seniors, independent living is the perfect balance. It preserves their independence while offering the peace of mind that comes from knowing help is there if they need it. It relieves the stress their loved ones face, allowing them to again enjoy a close and mutually fulfilling relationship. It offers friendship and social outings, while still providing privacy and a quiet space.

If you think independent living might be right for you or for someone you love in Pompano Beach, we can help. Chat with us today about the benefits of independent living in Pompano Beach.



Shantelle Sinclair

About the Author: Shantelle Sinclair

Shantelle is an award-winning sales and marketing professional with over 22 years of experience in advertising, post-secondary education and senior living. When she was offered a leadership opportunity in senior living, she had no idea servicing our seniors and their families would become her lifelong passion. “It is such a treat going in to work every day; not many people get to say that. The stories and experiences I hear are so rich and fulfilling!” Shantelle is originally from Richmond, Virginia and is a loving wife and mother to 4 children.

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