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If your dreams of a Pompano Beach, Florida, retirement include endless waterfront views, plenty of adventure, and lots of time outdoors, you might be reluctant to move out of your home. In fact, most seniors say they want to live at home for as long as possible. Paradoxically, research also finds that seniors who move to senior living communities lead happier, longer lives. Myths about senior living might color your perceptions, discouraging you from exploring all your options. Here’s how independent living can keep you feeling younger while leading a life of joy and adventure.

How Senior Living Achieves Aging-in-Place Goals

In one survey that asked seniors why they wanted to remain at home, the two most popular responses were to remain close to friends and family and to live in a home they like. These goals make sense. But all too often, living at home falls far short of these dreams. If you no longer drive, it can be difficult to see family and friends. You may also find that the people you love visit less often than you initially hoped, triggering feelings of loneliness and isolation.

You may also find that the home you love becomes a source of stress. Maintaining your house can be more difficult as you age, especially if it needs costly repairs. A senior living community offers you luxury living without all the work. It may even cost less than staying at home. Check out our senior living cost calculator to compare the expenses of living at home to moving to senior living.

Staying Young with Independent Living in Pompano Beach

Independent living in Pompano Beach opens new retirement opportunities, especially to seniors who want more adventure. Some of the many ways the right community can support your efforts to remain young at heart include: 

  • Keeping you physically active. Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent chronic illnesses such as dementia. It can also help you manage diabetes, chronic pain, and numerous other conditions. Plenty of opportunities for socialization, as well as regular exercise classes and field trips, encourage you to keep moving. 
  • Enjoying regular activities. Staying busy requires some planning. It can also mean setting aside money and maintaining your ability to drive. If the realities of retirement don’t live up to your dream of an adventurous next act, an independent living community can offer a range of activities that keep you busy, engaged, and young at heart. 
  • Encouraging meaningful relationships. When you live in a senior living community, you don’t have to rely on family members to take care of you — or put up with them nagging you to move to senior living. Senior living also means you'll live among other seniors who hope to remain engaged in the world, giving you a ready-made community of potential friends. 
  • Keeping you safe. When you live at home, especially if you are alone, you may worry about what would happen if you ever needed help. In an independent living community, there’s always someone there to help if you fall or have an emergency. And if your needs change, many communities can accommodate those shifts with the help of home health aides.

Shaping the Perfect Retirement

Don’t give up on your beachy retirement dreams. The Preserve at Palm-Aire in beautiful Pompano Beach helps you remain independent while enriching your life with a wide range of activities. We’re here to support you as you write the next chapter of your life. Let us show you how a senior living community can change your life, relieve your stress, and set you off on a path toward new relationships and endless adventure.

Have questions about independent living? Download our Everything You Need to  Know About Independent Livingguide.

Melanie White

About the Author: Melanie White

Melanie has 28 years of senior living experience. She has held positions at the corporate, regional and community level. As an Army brat, much of Melanie’s upbringing centered around being at events that were attended by seniors. Through this, she gained a respect and admiration for the senior population. She is passionate about leading a team of professionals that work daily to give our residents opportunities to enjoy being part of our family.

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