If the coronavirus pandemic has you feeling a bit stir-crazy and cooped up in your home, there are still plenty of safe ways to get out and about. Outdoor activities for seniors abound in the Pompano Beach area, and most options offer plenty of space for safe social distancing. Here are a few of our favorite spots and activities you can enjoy safely while getting some fresh air.

Hit the Beach

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of living in the Pompano Beach area is the quick access to fresh ocean air. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore local beaches, whether you go early to take a stroll or choose to catch the sunset in the evening. Be sure to check out Fisher Family Pier and chat with the fishermen about their latest catch, but don’t miss other points of interest along the beach as well. You’ll find your favorite spot in no time, but exploring other parts of the beach will bring you even more experiences.

Enjoy a Round (of Golf)

The Pompano Beach area is home to many award-winning and beautiful golf courses. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can get excellent exercise and fresh air while exploring local golf courses. Multiple courses around town are managed by the Parks & Rec department, which means that they are well maintained and accessible to everyone.

Cycle and Sightsee

Pompano Beach is home to the Cypress Creek Greenway, a bike trail that runs nearly 17 miles. If you are a cyclist, you can enjoy the smooth and scenic trail all at once or just a few miles at a time. The trail itself is not shaded in most parts, so try to do your biking in the morning hours before it gets too warm out.

Tour a Lighthouse

Only a 15-minute drive to the northeast, the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse is well worth the quick trip. You can enjoy a guided tour when available, or simply enjoy the view of the lighthouse from the beach. In any case, you are sure to learn something new and get the chance to experience a whole new view of the water.

Try Bird-Watching

It’s no wonder that bird-watching has become an even more popular hobby amid the coronavirus pandemic. It is both relaxing and educational to try a new hobby, especially one that encourages physical activity, quiet meditation, and exploring new local places. You can get your start by trying out some popular trails via the South Florida Audubon Society. Lace up your favorite pair of comfortable tennis shoes, borrow a book about local birds from the library, and hit the trails to make new observations.

Experience Butterflies

Bring the grandkids or a friend along for a 15-minute drive northwest to experience Butterfly World. You’ll love the colorful butterflies and beautiful flowers scattered throughout each thoughtful exhibit.

Staying Safe in the Heat

Summer weather in Florida extends well past August, and if you are venturing outdoors during high humidity and temperatures, you are at an increased risk of heat-related illness. You can stay healthy by ensuring you always carry water with you to stay hydrated, apply sunscreen throughout the day, and take breaks as needed. You can also beat the heat by heading outdoors in the morning before 10 a.m. and then in the late afternoon after 4 p.m. Spend the heat of the day indoors, staying cool.

Explore with Friends

You can learn more about staying active and busy in retirement by downloading our free guide, “The Busy Person’s Guide to Recreation in Retirement.” If you are struggling to find new things to do in Pompano Beach or someone to do them with, consider retirement at The Preserve at Palm-Aire. Our active independent living community is full of fun and friendly neighbors who participate in events, activities, and trips together.

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