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Lily Urbina, a Resident Services Coordinator and Concierge Supervisor at Arbor Terrace Teaneck, has quickly earned her reputation as an Arbor treasure. She began her career in senior care at Arbor eight months ago. Her sister was already working here, loved her job, and inspired Lily to apply. We’re so lucky to have her as part of our Arbor family. 

Meet Lily Urbina 

IMG_6601In her role as Resident Services Coordinator, Lily works to coordinate activities across departments. She helps residents with their needs, and works with administrative and marketing departments to coordinate daily tasks. As a Concierge Supervisor, she acts as a coordination point for resident care. She ensures that each resident gets the support they need in the morning, and serves as a friendly face who is always ready to answer resident questions and manage resident requests.

Lily says she treasures Teaneck’s diversity. With residents from across the United States and around the world, Teaneck is a melting pot of experiences, personalities, and viewpoints. She says one of her favorite memories is of when she helped a new resident set up their phone service. The two were on hold with customer service for so long that they forgot why they were holding! In that time, they had the chance to share their experiences as Latina immigrants. At Arbor, relationships are built on connection and investment. By investing in that resident on one of her first days in the community, Lily built a long-term friendship.

She says the best advice she’s ever received from residents is to know her worth. Lily is an invaluable member of The Arbor Company, and contributes to the warm and welcoming family we’ve built every day.

A Commitment to Exceptional Care 

At Arbor, close and respectful staff relationships form a cornerstone of care. We work together as a team, supporting one another in our support of seniors. Lily has quickly earned the respect of admiration of everyone on the team. Residents, too, say they can always count on Lily.

Joan Mate said, “Lily is a capable, competent, hardworking employee who greets me with a smile and knows my name. She handles all sorts of requests, and if there is a problem beyond her responsibilities, she always finds someone to handle it. She is very dependable, and Arbor Terrace is lucky to have her!”

The Arbor Difference 

At The Arbor Company, we believe there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all retirement. We work with seniors to craft unique retirement experiences in luxury settings. Our community offers a wide range of special events, including live music and field trips. Residents can also enjoy classes, gourmet dining, and transportation that preserves their independence.

We believe in the power of deep connections, and we believe that people like Lily make a profound and lasting difference. We’d love to show you what life at Arbor Terrace Teaneck is all about. Give us a call today to learn more!
Elizabeth Andropoli

About the Author: Elizabeth Andropoli

“Liz” has been a senior-living professional for more than fifteen years, she entered the industry following a six-year background of experience in health care. She has been Executive Director at Arbor Terrace since 2012. Liz lives in Teaneck with her three children who have obviously inherited her passion for servicing those advanced in age as her two eldest are also employed in the senior-living industry – her youngest, still in school, is interested in computers and finance. Liz has eclectic tastes in leisure activities: while she enjoys parasailing, zip lining and riding motorcycles, her favorite vacation is her annual summertime stay, with her family, at an Amish farm in Pennsylvania.