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Compared to generations past, fewer seniors want to slow down and enjoy life in the slow lane as they grow older. In fact, close to twice as many people older than 65 (8.4 million) in the workforce in 2015 than teenagers (4.7 million), the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Other seniors also remain active in different ways: volunteering, travel, socializing, arts and culture. Their busy lifestyles have made communities—like Teaneck—within close proximity to work, volunteer opportunities, arts and culture, social programming, and senior services attractive options.

Exploring Independent Senior Living in Teaneck

There’s a common misconception that independent senior living is tailored for seniors who want to slow down. In reality, it low-maintenance, worry-free nature actually gives seniors more time and freedom to be active, pursue their interests, and build new friendships.

Independent senior living communities in Teaneck offer plenty of planned events, social activities, and programs. Residents are free to choose their level of participation and come and go as they please. Additionally, amenities like wellness centers that offer group exercises help promote healthy aging. Even for seniors older than 70 who haven’t been physically active in some time, research shows it’s never too late to reap the benefits of exercise.

What's more, the vast majority of residents in independent living communities build friendships with their new neighbors, which brings about even more health benefits. Socialization and engagement has been shown to slow cognitive decline and to promote healthy, active lifestyles that boost overall health.

Active Seniors Out and About in Teaneck

Located just four miles west of the George Washington Bridge,Teaneck’s central location puts it in close proximity of endless employment, volunteer, and recreational opportunities for seniors with varying tastes. This means active seniors in Teaneck are never far from the action.

In particular, seniors who want to remain in the workforce have a range of employment opportunities in Teaneck. Meanwhile, the Teaneck Senior Services Center at the Richard Rodda Community Center offers activities and classes to promote continuing education, physical fitness, social recreation, and dance for seniors who want to learn about and explore new topics. Furthermore, volunteer opportunities are available at local schools in Teaneck, the Chore Service program, and the Bergen Volunteer Center. Finally, theatres, arts and culture, and world-class shopping and dining are all within reach of active seniors.

Choosing Independent Senior Living in Teaneck

Teaneck’s central location and close proximity to employment, volunteer opportunities, and arts and culture have made the community a popular place for seniors to make their homes. Independent living offers low-maintenance, effort-free accommodations in a luxury apartment setting. Seniors who wish to take part in planned community and activity events have endless opportunities, and those who want to volunteer, work, and play and outside independent living in Teaneck have abundant opportunities as well. To learn more, contact Arbor Terrace Teaneck.

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