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Situated four miles west of the George Washington Bridge, Teaneck’s central location and abundance of senior programs has made it a popular community for seniors to call home. What's more, Teaneck’s affordable cost-of-living, access to transportation systems, and varied artistic and cultural attractions have made this community of less than 40,000 people a popular destination for active seniors in particular.

Hubs of Activity for Seniors in Teaneck

Seniors who take part in senior activities and programs operated through local governments and nonprofit organizations have been found to have healthy hearts and better mobility. And taking part in leisure activities that require plenty of brainpower may reduce seniors’ risk of depression and dementia while boosting their ability to fight and recover from illnesses.

Good thing for active seniors in Teaneck, there are plenty of opportunities to work up a sweat with programs specifically designed to build mental and physical strength among seniors with varying interests and abilities:

1. Teaneck Senior Services Center

Senior programs are scheduled daily through the Teaneck Senior Services Center at the Richard Rodda Community Center in Teaneck. Seasonal activities and classes include continuing education, physical fitness, social recreation, and dance. In addition, game events featuring billiards, cards, and other games are planned regularly. A public health nurse is also available for consultations, and transportation accommodations can be made to and from the center.

2. BergenField Senior Activity Center

Bergen County offers programs and activities to seniors in Teaneck through the Bergenfield Senior Activity Center. Activities and events include continental breakfasts, group exercise, educational programming, and game events, such as bingo, dominoes, and poker, just to name a few.

3. YMCA of Greater Bergen County

Active seniors in Teaneck can enjoy a range of group and individual fitness programming at the YMCA of Greater Bergen County. The YMCA’s Seniors Move in Light Exercise (SMILE) program was developed to help keep seniors active; one of its aim is to help fight off such conditions as osteoporosis and arthritis by promoting strength, balance, and coordination. Other low-impact classes, such as water aerobics, gentle yoga, and a variety of dance classes, provide even more opportunities for active fun.

No matter what your interests and abilities, you have a multitude of ways to engage in fun, challenging senior activities at the Teaneck Senior Services Center, the Bergenfield Senior Activity Center, and the YMCA of Greater Bergen County.

Giving Back

Most seniors don’t want to stand on the sidelines when they retire in a community like Teaneck. Instead, they want to build new relationships and help strengthen community bonds, and what better way to accomplish just that than volunteerism?  Here are just a few examples of ways seniors can play an active role in the Teaneck community:

    • Teaneck Public Schools:Volunteers for local schools in Teaneck are regularly needed to serve as reading buddies, tudors, teacher’s assistants, clerical workers, and librarian assistants.  
    • Chore Service: Bergen County’s Chore Service program enlists senior volunteers to install grab bars and railings as well as other minor repairs to make homes livable for seniors and people with disabilities.
    • Bergen Volunteer Center: The Bergen Volunteer Center can connect seniors with volunteer opportunities that suit their personal and professional experiences.
    • Teaneck Creek Conservancy: Volunteers of Teaneck Creek Conservancy help remove invasive species of weeds, tend to the conservancy's Peace Labyrinth, assist artists in residence, and support various events.

Aside from the social benefits of volunteering, there are person benefits as well. Seniors who volunteer on a regular basis have been shown to experience better overall health and quality of life.

Arts, Culture, and History

Established in 1895, Teaneck is flush with artistic, cultural, and historic attractions. Whether it’s community theatre, local museums, or historic landmarks, active seniors in Teaneck are never short of attractions to explore. Seniors can form their own social groups to explore the following attractions or go with visiting family and friends.

  • Performing Arts: The Garage Theatre Group, Black Box Performing Arts Center, and Teaneck New Theatre offer a combination of professional and community theatre.
  • Historic and Cultural Venues: World of Wings, Meadowlands Museum, Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum, and New Jersey Naval Museum are just a few examples for active seniors to explore.

The local attractions in Teaneck allow seniors to explore and interact with the northwest New Jersey’s historic and cultural roots.

Bringing It All Together

Teaneck’s central location, arts and culture, and vibrant senior programs have made it a great place for seniors to call home. For more information or to learn more about independent senior living options in Teaneck, contact Arbor Terrace Teaneck.

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Elizabeth Andropoli

About the Author: Elizabeth Andropoli

“Liz” has been a senior-living professional for more than fifteen years, she entered the industry following a six-year background of experience in health care. She has been Executive Director at Arbor Terrace since 2012. Liz lives in Teaneck with her three children who have obviously inherited her passion for servicing those advanced in age as her two eldest are also employed in the senior-living industry – her youngest, still in school, is interested in computers and finance. Liz has eclectic tastes in leisure activities: while she enjoys parasailing, zip lining and riding motorcycles, her favorite vacation is her annual summertime stay, with her family, at an Amish farm in Pennsylvania.