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Senior Life Ways to Make Friends at Our Community

Now that you are considering investing in senior living (or maybe you have already set a move-in date), it’s time to take a deep breath and prepare to enjoy the benefits of your choice. Senior living communities are an ideal option for seniors who want to retire with luxury amenities, beautiful surroundings, and easy access to resources or programs designed to keep them feeling healthy and happy. One of the major benefits of independent living is socialization opportunities at every turn. There are multiple ways to connect with your new neighbors throughout the day, whether it is through a club or just by having coffee in the dining room. Though socialization is available at your fingertips, most new residents do experience some anxiety about how they will develop senior living friendships in their new home. If you are wondering how to make some new connections, we have a few surefire tips that will get you feeling comfortable in no time.

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Life Enrichment, Senior Life, Intergenerational Leading Through Lessons at Arbor Terrace Teaneck

Intergenerational programming, or connecting older adults with their younger peers, can offer benefits that span the age differences between participants. At Arbor Terrace Teaneck, we’ve had the opportunity to watch the magic of intergenerational programming firsthand. Our Leading Through Lessons program, though still in its first year, is showing all of us the benefits of connecting teens with older adults.

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Independent living, Tips for Moving Independent Living in Teaneck: What to Consider Before Moving

For many older adults, calling a senior living community home is one of the best retirement decisions they’ve made. Not only does senior living offer an active lifestyle and resort-style amenities, but residents can also benefit from new friendships and fewer household responsibilities. However, there are many things to consider before investing in senior living. If you are curious about independent living options in the Teaneck area, we have compiled a list of what to consider before moving. These considerations will not only help you be confident in your choice to move to independent living, but will also help you make the right decision when choosing the community that suits you best.

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Independent living, Independent Living vs. Nursing Home Independent Living vs. Nursing Homes in Teaneck, NJ

The senior living industry is full of jargon and terms that most people aren’t familiar with until they need to be. However, if you begin to search for senior living options here in the Teaneck area, you may not know exactly how to start. It’s great news for older adults that there are so many options and solutions available for retirement; it can just be overwhelming at first until you begin to understand the jargon a bit better. Many seniors and their family members begin by thinking that all senior living communities are the same. This is a myth. Senior living communities differ based on the care they offer to their residents. It can be helpful to begin by learning the differences between independent living versus nursing homes.

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Senior Activities 6 Valentine's Day Activities for Seniors in Bergen County

February is a month dedicated to celebrating all things love, which makes it the perfect time of year for an extra-special activity with someone you care for. Whether you’re dressing up and hitting the town with your partner or trying something new with one of your pals, Valentine’s Day gives all of us the excuse to indulge a bit.  If you are looking for a few events and activities to add to your February calendar, Bergen County has plenty of options. Here are just a few of our favorites that we think you’ll love.

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employee spotlight Employee Spotlight: Lily Urbina

Lily Urbina, a Resident Services Coordinator and Concierge Supervisor at Arbor Terrace Teaneck, has quickly earned her reputation as an Arbor treasure. She began her career in senior care at Arbor eight months ago. Her sister was already working here, loved her job, and inspired Lily to apply. We’re so lucky to have her as part of our Arbor family. 

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Teaneck, Retirement Searching for Independent Living in Bergen County? Here's What You Should Know

Bergen County, New Jersey, offers residents of all ages a beautiful landscape, shopping, and trendy restaurants, all within an hour’s commute to New York City. With nationally recognized schools, a thriving tourism economy, and a park system totaling more than 9,000 acres, it’s no wonder seniors want to retire here.

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Teaneck, Retirement Retiring in Teaneck: What You Need to Know

Retiring in Teaneck affords myriad opportunities to have fun outdoors, go on meaningful outings with the grandkids, and cultivate new hobbies. New Jersey is getting older, prompting state and local governments to do more to serve and support senior residents. Whether you’re a long-time Teaneck resident, or a newbie contemplating a move, a Teaneck retirement may offer the adventure, comfort, and close relationships every retiree deserves. Here’s what you need to know about retiring in Teaneck. 

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Senior Living Options, Teaneck, Resources for Senior Citizens Retiring in the New York Metropolitan Area: What You Need to Know

The New York metropolitan area is a vast, sweeping geographic region that includes portions of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York state. One in 16 Americans lives in this region, making it the most populous area of the country, as well as one of the most diverse. Whether you’re already a proud New York metro resident or planning to make a move, here are five tips that can help make your retirement everything you hope it will be.

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Teaneck, Resources for Senior Citizens 15 Resources for Senior Citizens of Teaneck, NJ

Teaneck, NJ, is a great place to retire. Ranked among the best places to live in New Jersey, this beautiful suburb of New York boasts a responsive government, an engaged community, and plenty of enticing entertainment and support options for seniors of all ages and ability levels.

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