Many seniors are faced with the decision of remaining at home or moving to a senior living community at some point. Whether you are in the middle of making this choice or simply planning for the future, here are several key benefits of moving into a Teaneck, NJ independent living community to consider.

1. Available Emergency and Medical Assistance

In the unfortunate case of an environmental or medical emergency, there are always staff members available nearby to help or call for further assistance. If a hurricane or other natural disaster is imminent, the staff of your independent living community will have clear safety procedures and supplies ready so you don’t have to panic or worry about preparations. If you experience a medical emergency, it is much easier to call for help when trusted friends and staff members are right down the hall. In many instances, in-home medical care is available for residents if the need arises as well.

2. Built-In Accessibility

If your mobility ever becomes limited, there are already accommodations in place for a seamless transition. This includes preventative safety measures as well as ensuring proper space and access for walkers and wheelchairs throughout the building. Ramps, elevators, non-bulky furniture, clear walkways, wide doorframes for walker and wheelchair access, and showers made with accessibility in mind are just a few examples. These accommodations can be costly to add to an existing home but are standard practice in a senior living community.

3. Done-For-You Maintenance 

Many household maintenance tasks can be physically taxing: climbing a ladder and reaching up to change an overhead lightbulb, stooping and kneeling in a garden, or moving heavy objects like furniture. These activities tend to become increasingly difficult as we age. At an independent living facility, these burdens are all taken care of for you, leaving you the time and energy to do the activities that you actually enjoy!

4. Consistent Engagement and Fun

Who doesn’t want to have more fun? With a uniquely crafted event calendar, the entire year is filled with exciting activities and group outings. You can choose to try a new hobby or continue refining your current skills. Plus, all of these events are happening right in your neighborhood so you don’t have to travel to participate. It’s a win-win!

5. Convenient Dining Options

Although some people love cooking, others find it to be a tiresome chore. Similarly, grocery shopping can become difficult if mobility or balance become a daily challenge. In an independent living community, you have the option to choose when you want to cook and when you’d rather enjoy restaurant-quality dining without having to drive anywhere. This option encourages residents to eat highly nutritious food on a regular basis and engage with friends and neighbors in the shared dining room.

6. Reliable Transportation

Driving can be stressful, especially at night or during heavy traffic. An independent living community can provide safe, reliable transportation to nearby areas and appointments. You won’t have to park in faraway spaces or deal with car maintenance, eliminating the worry of how you will get to and from the places you want to go.

7. No Hidden Costs

When moving into a senior living community, their team should thoroughly outline the entire cost breakdown step by step. They should provide a clear, comprehensive overview of what your living arrangements and amenities will cost and how that may change if your needs change with time. This is nearly impossible to do while living at home because you cannot anticipate every cost such as basic repairs, replacing appliances, updates for accessibility, or an increase in property taxes. Moving into an independent living community enables you to prepare and budget with confidence.

We hope this blog provides some helpful perspective for you to consider as you plan your next steps. If you have further or more detailed questions, download the free Everything You Need to Know About Independent Living Guide.

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